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    2006 Jetta TDI radio

    My 2006 Jetta has the indash 6 disk changer, is there another VW stock radio I can exchange it for that has an Aux input?
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    Cincinnati area mechanic needed, 2006 jetta

    Hi all, need a Cincinnati area mechanic for a timing belt on 2006 jetta I just got
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    Cincinnati ohio area mechanic needed for timing belt change 2006 jetta

    Hi all. My brother gave me his 2006 jetta TDI, 187,000 miles, overdue for timing belt change and some other work needed, looking for a mechanic, have cash
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    2015 3.0 TDI question

    do the 3 liter V6 TDI's suffer from intake carbon clogging like the older 4 cylinder models and should one install an oil separator on the crankcase vent? (don't know if it has one)
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    New audi Q5 owner

    I have discovered one flaw, there does not seem to be a way to adjust the default car start up radio volume, can't wait to take a trip in it
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    New audi Q5 owner

    just bought an Audi Q5 with 39K miles on it, had many other VW TDI's but never the 3 liter. mine has had the fix done so what other issues will get me soon. Since I never drove a 3 liter TDI before the fix and this one does not seem to have any hesitation in throttle response like I have read...
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    Has anyone returned a stripped TDI yet?

    and all I was going to do is take off the trailer hitch I had installed
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    If you are considering buyback which cars are you looking at as replacements?

    I bought a 2016 tiguan s to replace the 2014 jetta sportwagon I have, it will be pretty much parked until the buyback
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    Bosch diesel technology papers by Jurgen Hammar

    it is leased, if I reads that the problems are happening big time it will go back at the end of the lease, wanted the 2 door which was not available with the TDI
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    Bosch diesel technology papers by Jurgen Hammar

    this whole thing makes me glad the 2015 golf I just bought 4 months ago has the 1.8 TSI engine instead of a TDI and I just confirmed that it gets just over 40 MPG on the highway at 75 mph will I get banned now?
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    Chris Farnham (3193) passes away, 3/8/15

    RIP I bought 1 car from him, a 2010 jetta, drove 600 miles to do it and it was the easiest new car buy ever, even with the drive.
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    Electric Supercharger to replace exhaust turbocharger?

    Some large truck diesels (Volvo for one) have had an exhaust driven turbine geared to the crankshaft to reclaim a claimed 10 to 15 hp for years, cannot remember if upstream or downstream from the turbocharger
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    2005 Passat TDI Wagon GL, $8300, Kansas City

    wish I had never sold my 2005 Passat wagon, wish I could afford this one
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    Volkswagen says US pickup is back on the table

    not much chance of that happening these days