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    Who has mega miles on a TDI

    510 000km,no issues, just about time for timing belt and water pump replacement.
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    Vancouver TDI Owner roll call.

    1) Erik / Vancouverdieselgeek / Squamish, BC 2) Ed / Ed's TDI / Victoria, BC 3) Fred / VW Derf / Richmond, BC 4) Bert / Northerndreams / Delta, BC 5) Jeremy / Brando06 / Vancouver, BC 6) Tony / VW Petrolero / Vancouver, BC 7) Jason / cavuseeker / Redmond, WA 8) Peter / tdi_sport / Coquitlam, BC...
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    Clutch failure at 32k miles? I'm done with VW

    I have 99.5 Jetta TDI ,Upsoluted with 205 MXV4 Energy for a road grip. Few times I have been diagnosed by local constabulary as a "leadfoot". Nevertheless I just turned 320 000km on a original clutch. Unfortunately I soon will need a third set of brake pads.
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    Check out my new ride!

    I had a few weeks in Europe with Detleffs conversion of Fiat Ducato turbodiesel and while driving through Czech republic this CRV was offered for sale on the side of the road near Carlsbad.
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    After five weeks back in Offenbach.
  6. Trosky_ruins_CZ_


    Similar to San Marino but smaller and in ruins.
  7. Night_in_San_Marino


    Free overnight parking on a lot right under the castle.
  8. Europe 2005

    Europe 2005

  9. CRV_Diesel


    Honda dares in Europe - Czech republic near Carlsbad
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    How to access filler door from inside trunk?

    Remove trunk carpet liner on the filler side just to reach in and remove the plunger assembly. Check the connection but most likely you'll need a new plunger. 1/2 hour with a beer break.
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    Vancouver Island oil supply?

    I,m using PC Duron 5W-40 which is sold in Petro Canada cardlocks. A box with 4x4l containers is about $85.
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    So you're new: what cars did you used to have?

    Re: So you\'re new: what cars did you used to have? In the last thirty years I only had three makes,VW,BMW and Rover. 1961 VW bus 1968 Rover 2000 TC, BRG with brown leather. 1969 Rover 2000 TC, same as above. Got infatuated with Rover and had another six 1969 Rovers. 1978 BMW 320i, put 500...
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    Turbo Replacement

    I just put a "C" turbo where "A" should have been into 99.5 Jetta GL and no problem with oil lines! The problem was the support bracket for a "C" turbo which had its orientation changed, from horizontal to vertical compared with "A".Also,in my opinion, the person who designed the connection...
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    dipstick tube leak

    I removed the metal portion of a dipstick by clamping it with a wisegrips and then I took out the adjustment bolt from the handle of the wisegrips and threaded in the slide hammer.Had to re-clamp couple of times due to insufficient grip but on a third try pipe came out a O.K. I did try at first...
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    dipstick tube leak

    I had a same problem some time ago. There was a leak between bloc and lower (metal) portion of a diperstick I used a slide hammer to pull it out and pressed a new one in,with liberal amount of Locktite and that cured it! It was <font color="red">IN </font> <font color="black">pretty good...