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    Another M.F.A question...

    since you have a 2003, the 1J5-920-946CX is the correct cluster for your immobilizer III car. Any warning lights eliminated by your bigger center display will now be represented by nice big led icons in that display as needed. it's really cool.
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    OEM HID's and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS

    OEM HID\'s and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS Oh really? I tried the "6 small screwdriver" trick but wound up breaking 5 of the 6 locking points. good thing that frame doesnt really go anywhere with the relays attached. How did you do it? [ QUOTE ] Occams_Razor said: BTW I have a...
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    Another mod you don't need - power seats

    Another mod you don\'t need - power seats If anyone is looking for the memory seat wiring harnesses to retrofit this feature, there's a vendor on German Ebay that sells them. I think he builds them with spare parts because they dont appear used as in apparently ripped out of salvaged cars...
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    Automatic folding mirrors, installed, PICS/MOVIE

    Good job, Chris! I take it your wiring fix took care of the clicking/grinding?
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    OEM HID's and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS

    OEM HID\'s and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS Chris- I agree, you must not use radio shack terminal connectors, staples and scotch tape to complete this mod. LOL.
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    Upgrade to 5.5 litre washer fluid tank ?

    I installed the audi S3 5,3l tank in my GTi. its a little slimmer on the front facing (i guess that's where the .2 luter difference comes in), which allows for more space if/when you ever need to get your hand in that area behind the headlight.
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    OEM HID's and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS

    OEM HID\'s and Headlight Sprayers installed! *PICS since you havent wired your pump yet, you might want to do it at the same time as manual leveling if you decide to go that route. that's what i did. that way i had the 2 wires from the pump converge with the one wire from the passenger side...
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    mountn bkers pls. reply (need non roof mount rack)

    Congrats on your Hard Rock Comp. I almost bought one, but fell prey to a Gary Fisher Tassajara '03 leftover. only $450. So far, Ive been putting the bike (with front wheel still attached) in the trunk with the rear seats down. it fits.
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    Advise needed from European TDI Members

    If you want to view Bora accessories for your Jetta, a good starting point is the German website You can 'build your own' Bora and see the trim and options listed. There's also a link to the Votex (VW's accessory division) site through there. If you find any parts you want...
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    Need info re: shipping DRW 6-speed from Germany

    Air freight is your best bet given the size and value of your transmission. If you want to make things even simpler, ask SAS how much they'd charge for a piece of cargo that would accompany you on the flight... I know British Airways and Alitalia allows it, so it might be an option available...
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    low pix mfa to high pix mfa?

    Yes, on 2002 and up model year mk4's with dynamic can bus, you will get an overhead car silhoutte on the display. The part number cluster you need is: 1J5-920-946CX [ QUOTE ] mickyTDI said: THANX FOR THE INFO, DID THE PIC WITH THE CAR DOORS DISPLAY OK? DO YOU HAVE THE PART NUMBER HANDY? THANX...
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    (not really a) group buy-MFI GAUGE CLUSTERS-- $445!

    the warehouse shows 6 in stock at present. lead time is 2 weeks.
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    EuroSwitch GroupBuy

    EuroSwitch BlowOut 29$ shipped!!!!!!!!!! I think you're nice Kaotica. I like you.....
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    GB feeler: Audi A3 Strut Bar, any interest???

    Speedgator-I can get you one if you're interested.. I'd spoken about this in the forums but was censored for doing so. Email me if you're interested --->>
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    rear hatch - tied to central locks

    i just took some pics but i cant get good detail at close range. they're blurry this is the best one....