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    FS-2009 Jett TDI Sedan DSG 72K miles Blue Graphite RocketChip $15K

    All, I've decided to go for a manual car so decided to sell my Jett TDI DSG car is in excellent condition i've added some simple upgrades like Ohio spec tint , blacked out tail lights film, Aluminum skid plate and frost heater, and i replaced the front bumper center silver with black. HPFP...
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    FS-2009 Jett TDI OEM 16" Aloy Wheels and Michelin

    I've OEM Jetta TDI 2009 Aloys and Michelin Tyres they are of decent shape. Couple of tyres have more than 70% life left as i replaced them under warranty. will send pictures if you leave an email. looking for USD 400 for all. i can sell them separately too. 150 each. I'm located in Columbus...
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    Oem black smoked vw jetta mk5 euro led tail lights

    I've a brand new set as i could not install it on my 2009 Jetta TDI. I'm in Columbus Ohio. I can ship to USA and canada i'll accept paypal. or cash on pickup. USD 150 + shipping.
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    Go Karting @ TDIFest? Band, food, etc.

    I'm in please add me. Love to do this.
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    Trusted TDI Mechanics - By State

    Saved by Jon from Marysville Ohio Friends i've a 2009 Jett TDI sedan with 38K miles. 2 months back the front passenger side made a humming noise when ever i turn left. Took the car to the dealer here in Dayton , voss VW got a diagnostic with wheel bearing bad and 3 wheels are bent. so i paid...