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    Sold: 14 JSW TDI parts car, Hustisford, WI

    Very interested. PM’ed.
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    Help determining whether it is worth to repair a 2002 GOLF GLS TDI for $3K+

    I think that a driveway job can be just as good as a professional job. Pretty sure Autozone offers a lifetime warranty on there brake pads now similar to FCP Euro. And also, Harbor Freight tools needed to do a break job would work just as fine as OEM, or name brand. It’s not always the quality...
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    2022 TDIfest Discussion Thread

    Kirk said he was planning on a GTG this year! Woohoo! Post 103
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    Under seat storage trays.

    Also, this is what I’m talking about.
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    Under seat storage trays.

    I’m pretty sure if you have your CPL, it can be both. It’s just kind of uncomfortable having it on your person while driving.
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    Under seat storage trays.

    Does anyone here have the under seat compartments for the mk6 golf or JSW? Wondering if they are large enough to hold a compact “thunder stick”. (Not sure what rules are for firearm talk) Obviously not to store when I’m not in the car. More so to just have a place to store while driving.
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    WTB Parts for my new ALH project NW NJ.

    Yes, gasket maker will do a time or 2.
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    WTB Parts for my new ALH project NW NJ.

    You can replace just the valve cover gasket but wow is it a job. You will be scraping for hours. Normally you would replace the valve cover with the molded On gasket. It technically is a one piece design. ( cover and gasket) I have an aftermarket valve cover that I do not need. I would do $60...
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    Piping a common rail like the good ole days

    EGR is overrated. Your putting corrosive gasses back in the engine as a “filler.” The Big diesel manufacturers are actually trying to get rid of them on new engines. And thanks, @adjat84th, I was wondering about that. I heard the 02Qs do not hold up to a single mass? Do stock DMFs stand up to...
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    WTB 02A selector shaft and shift tower, '02-'03 pancake pipe

    You need the stock black plastic tdi one, or would you be interested in the 1.8T metal pancake pipe? I have both.
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    Piping a common rail like the good ole days

    I have a manual. Ya I was just adding some stuff in the cart at darkside and things got expensive. I’ll have to settle with just “mild” enhancements for now.
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    Piping a common rail like the good ole days

    @DivineChaos, does your current car have a bigger turbo? Does that help with mpgs? I plan on keeping the car until it rots away.
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    Piping a common rail like the good ole days

    Right now I’m completely stock. Got a malone stage 2 and rawtek exhaust I need to install once I find a timing belt. I have seen a couple guys saying doing the intake swirl flap delete can add a couple mpg. I’m only getting 36-37 currently. Just want to get her up higher during these high fuel...