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    West Michigan: 2 2001 Jetta Part outs.

    Sorry to everyone who has messaged me! My toddler did a number on my phone and I had a heck of a time getting insurance to cover it. I will be replying to everyone today and tomorrow! Thank you.
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    My sportwagen thread

    Gotcha. So did you just weld a 2” receiver under the 1 1/4? Or cut off the 1 1/4
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    My sportwagen thread

    Do you have any pictures of your homeade hitch? Thinking about doing one since torklift wants almost 400$ for a 2”.
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    Rawtek Options

    I have been keeping an eye on my fuel economy and suprisingly, the dash is very close. Mine said I was getting 34.7 and when I checked today, I got 35.0. 2011 VW JSW
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    West Michigan: 2 2001 Jetta Part outs.

    Also have a video of engine running. Let me know if your interested. I’ll figure out how to send it.
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  7. Part out

    Part out

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