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    1998 TDI Beetle Parts Car-NC 27948

    1998 manual TDI Parts car. 265k clutch is chattering, another clutch is in the trunk. Interior is from a 2001, all black, has heated seats and switches but no wiring to the switches. Injector pump, headlights and tail lights gone. Timing belt, water pump, rollers and suspension done at 220k by...
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    Eastern NC anyone ?

    Moved to Kitty Hawk in January, work in KDH.
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    Open house F/S--Cumberland MD

    Beetle 98-01-- seats, interior, radios on and on Also, ALH engine, wiring harness for an ALH 2001 beetle with heated seats and sunroof Rims,
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    Open house F/S--Cumberland MD

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to many folks about part for sale, but the postal service moved up my starting date to Jan 30. I am on leave all week this week to settle/move but I still have a ton of everything in the house to get rid of. I would like to have an open house to get rid of VW parts. I...
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    FS:Parting My '01 Jetta Wagon/Not TDI 2.0

    What is mileage and condition of the engine? My AEG is finally giving up the ghost.
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    A boat load of early beetle interior parts

    Oh, and do I ever have alloys.
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    A boat load of early beetle interior parts

    I have to move, and I have a room that is literally packed floor to roof with beetle parts. I have several sets of seats in tan, and black leather/vinyl, grey cloth..(all in various conditions) interior parts in grey, black, and tan. (Center consoles, glove boxes...on and on) If you are looking...
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    F/S Engine 2001 ALH Automatic Beetle

    The carcass of the car has been stripped, and is all over my house. The interior was grey. Also, there are tan parts, and black parts....the transmission and pedal cluster is already in another car. I have to use the clutch for my own TDI. This was a rollover, so no good body panels are there. I...
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    F/S Engine 2001 ALH Automatic Beetle

    Due to the pending closure of my post office, and the need to relocate to a motorhome I have to part with my backup engine. (Moving to Kill Devil Hills, NC) Engine was from a 2001 automatic beetle, 181K. New timing belt from Diesel Toyz in San Antonio at 161K. Has 11mm pump. Asking $2,000 may...
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    My 2002 New Beetle TDI

    Might be faster than mine
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    My 2002 New Beetle TDI
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    My 2002 New Beetle TDI

    Could you pm evanrude my number btw? Would like more info on his setup.
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    FS. AC Compressor $60 - 2001 Jetta TDI

    Where in Va? Its for Ollie's car, and he is in Williamsburg.