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    CNRB Touareg HPFP Opinions and Options

    Has anyone upgraded their HPFP on their 2013+ Touareg? Is it worth it? What do you need? Beyond the usual “not letting the fuel tank run below 1/4” can anything be done to prolong the life of the stock pump? Is it worth changing the fuel filter more often than 20K service interval?
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    Pre-oiler for timing chain tensioners

    I know this thread has sat quiet for 3 years but I’m curious to this as well. My 2013 sometimes makes the chain rattle at start-up and I would love to prolong the life of the chains.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    New member, but not exactly. I’ve been a member for 3 years, soaking up all the useful information that I could to get my project car in running order, but I haven’t posted until today. I own a 2005 BEW custom tuned with lots and lots of goodies, and I recently purchased a well maintained 2013...
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    Looking to buy a Touareg

    Bought my 13 Touareg 4 months ago, diagnosing a leaking coolant issue this week (Can’t find a leak anywhere, removed cover, got underneath the car, inspected all areas, no leaks, no oil in reservoir either). I’ll be taking mine in for 120k service, so I’ll have my shop pressure check at the same...