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    DSG driving tips? Former manual driver.

    Just had the throttle response mod done yesterday and I can already feel the difference when driving on the freeway. Sooo much more enjoyable to drive! Not the manual transmission experience, but much better than factory settings. ����
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    Getting a Phase 2 Fix Next Week

    This is the only paperwork I received. Folded it to hide personal information.
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    Getting a Phase 2 Fix Next Week

    Just had phase 2 done Just picked my car up from the dealer after having phase 2 done. Dropped it off at 1pm. yesterday and it was ready for pickup at 2:30pm. today. Car has just under 47k on it and my paperwork indicates it had kit A and kit B installed. Confirmed by service advisor. Haven't...
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    Any old-timers left? (I joined in 1999.)

    I joined in '03 after buying my '01 Jetta and haven't looked back since! I love the information and the camaraderie the club provides. ? I guess I'm a diehard since I just purchased a '15 GSW CPO back in December.??
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    Cascade German 2018 GTG August 11

    Thanks for hosting this, Aaron! It was so fun meeting new folks and drooling over all of the cars. I may be creating a monster by bringing my 16 yr. old to these things but we need fresh blood in the tdi family, right? Can't wait for next year-?? And awesome job raising over $400 for a local...
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    Cascade German 2018 GTG August 11

    Hmmmm- I might be spending some time on Friday cleaning Ms. Noir in preparation.... And I may drag the 16 yr. old along since he's likely to get the Jetta.?
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    Positive dealer experience with major water leak

    Yep it was the top right corner above the hatch. I guess I'm just old school, I didn't know the current nomenclature for the "R Series". The service advisor got a giggle out of a 50-something broad asking about it though... :-)
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    Positive dealer experience with major water leak

    It's always interesting when you purchase a used car. Turns you into a mechanical detective sometimes.
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    Positive dealer experience with major water leak

    Ran the GSW through the carwash and watched in horror in the rearview mirror as water poured in through the hatchback/window. Took it in to the dealer I purchased it from and told them I thought it was a window seal because the hatch seal looked intact and oh by the way the trim around the...
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    TDI Resale Inspection

    My paperwork includes a copy of the "Certified Vehicle Inspection and Condition Report" with 112 lines of inspection. #79 Battery/Charging System:Operational/Condition/Load Test/ No Corrosion #82 Electrical System/Wires:Operational/Condition/Free of Corrosion/No Damage If it is a CPO, you...
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    ACTUAL purchases of '15 USED (buyback) TDIs

    Extended Warranty I just got the letter from VWoA which details the 2yr./ unlimited mileage on my CPO car purchased in December. It states "a precondition of which is the completion of a government-approved emissions modification on the vehicle." I take this to mean that if I don't complete...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Installed my tdiclub license plate frames. Now the rear plate doesn't rattle when I close the hatch. Thanks Fred!
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    Filling 2015 golf Tdi from a fuel can

    Although I can see the need for the misfuel guard for some I can also see the value in removing it. In my state, you can't pump your own gas but can pump your own diesel if the station allows it. My husband has had 2 misfueling incidents in his tdis because the attendant wasn't paying attention...
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    Keyless key failure

    I had no expectation of the salesman knowing anything about the engine so I didn't even ask. He just showed me all the storage options and how to flip the back seats down. And a tiny bit about operating the dsg because I asked him specifically. I figured I would get any information I needed by...
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    Keyless key failure

    I haven't tried it in the real world but I was told to pop the cover off the door handle to reveal the key slot to unlock the door. Not sure about the transponder being able to activate the keyless start if it can't activate the door lock. My biggest suspicion/fear about the keyless start by the...