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    I’m baaaaack

    Hello everyone, after about a 4 year hiatus from the TDI life after my 2003 Jetta TDI was ripped away from me thanks to a tree stump in the middle of a dark road... and the infinitely wise police officer who felt it pertinent to have what seemed to be 1,000 suns’ worth of spot lights in my face...
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    FS: OEM 16” MK7 Golf TDI Wheels/Tires

    Lots of OEM items for sale! Open to offers on all items! Local pickup preferred in East SF Bay, but will ship at buyer's expense unless otherwise noted. Halogen headlights with bulbs - $250 obo Rear hatch lever/emblem - $50 obo Heated mirrors - $40 shipped obo OEM 16" alloy wheels...
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    FS: Blown VNT-15 manifold

    Just as the title states. The cold side "popped" off about 3 years ago. This has just been sitting in storage. Still has vacuum actuator and linkage intact. Good for rebuild... $100 obo + shipping (heavy item, obviously) I just found a stock non-monsoon headunit for MKIV Golfs/Jettas. Not...
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    Parts extravaganza! Make offers! All offers CONSIDERED!

    So my car was considered a "total loss," due to "excessive undercarriage damage" due to a long that was quite unexpectedly left in the middle of a dark city street. I found out a couple days ago that the damage relatively minimal, as I had suspected. But, you know... Insurance companies and...
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    Goodbye, Katja. The death of my '03 Jetta TDI

    Well folks, after over seven years of tinkering and getting my baby to the point in which I wanted her, performance, aesthetically, etc, she was taken from me by a random log in the road. My insurance company deemed her a total loss and she is now headed somewhere. I got $3700 for the car...
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    WTB: OE Catalytic converter

    Yeah... just sold my old one. NOW I find out I need a need a new one.
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    FS: Random bits and pieces

    The photos are what I have for sale, but here is a concise list: ALH/AHU Injectors, minus #3 with needle lift sensor: $130 shipped Stock TIP: $35 shipped Blown VNT-15, hot side w/ manifold (obviously; shaft spins smoothly) for rebuild: $150 + shipping Jetta headlight parts (for those that...
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    Shift tower splines worn

    Hi guys, recently, shifting gears in my car has been rough. Originally, I thought the shifter just needed adjustment. After my girlfriend was stranded, the car being stuck in 3rd gear, I looked in the engine bay and saw the vertical shift lever sliding bushing had come out of the shifter...
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    WTB/WTT: Gear Selector Rod and Stock Shift Weight

    Haven't been around for a while, but I'm in need of some parts. Recently, my car stopped shifting properly (completely). I thought it was just the vertical selector linkage, as the bushing seemed to come out of the shifter weight guide, thus jamming the whole thing up and not allowing the...
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    FS: GTI/1.8T Spindles

    I have two spindles with fairly new bearings. I had an alignment issue that I thought these were the cause of... turns out, the alignment issue is still present. I ended up replacing these with a different pair. $150 + Shipping Paypal only Location: 93309
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    She's alive!

    Well, I finally got the new 17/22 in, after the great VNT explosion of Feb. 12 2011, with a TON of help by my buddy Steven (wandlc). I drove about 50 miles last night, just enjoying being able to drive MY car again. It took us quite a while, but we encountered some issues (in new parts) that...
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    Rosten Rods and ASV pistons install question

    Hi all... as some of you know, my turbo recently went out and I'm getting ready to replace it (17/22 performance package from IDParts). Although I haven't had time to do a leakdown test yet, the compression of my cylinder #1 read somewhat lower than the other cylinders, but not as low as you'd...
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    POP!... smoke......

    So I was on a delivery and leaving a stoplight, I began to acclerate, heard a distinct *POP!* , then it started idling funny, I made my left turn and heard a loud rattling. It was smoking like crazy by this point. I pulled over, shut her down and proceeded to check the engine bay. Oil...
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    Wtb: G60 smf

    Just seeing if I can save some money on the flywheel when I buy my clutch stuff. I have cash ready. Please only respond if flywheel is in good condition (i.e. resurfaceable and within thickness specs) Thanks!
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    FS: Acura TL Projectors for HID retrofit

    SOLD! Thanks, mlemorie!! I don't think I'll ever get around to using these anytime soon. I've had them packed away for nearly 3 years now... So, they're up for grabs. Thanks for looking. $150 shipped obo Lenses are immaculate except for some dust.