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    WTB: ALH Long Block (Or short block)

    Thanks Everyone! I was able to source an engine from a forum member. Providing it's a good engine I should be good to go. Thank you! Hey Guys, In need of a long or short block. If rebuilt would prefer it to be a full proper rebuild. Can be a used setup but not from a runaway or broken...
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    FS: 2006 Jetta TDI Fully Loaded $8,500

    FS: 2006 Jetta TDI Fully Loaded $6,000 Price Lowered!!! $6,000 Timing belt just changed. Car is Sea Green Metallic 250,000 miles and fully loaded. Has black leather interior good working heated seats. Dual climate control with air conditioning that blows strong and cold. Body on the car is...
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    WTB: ALH Rotating Bottom End Assembly

    Title says it all... Had a run away motor. Need another bottom end for the car.
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    WTB o2j 5 speed 2000-2004

    pm if you've got one or know someone who does please. :D:o:)
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    auto to manual swap!

    transmission, axles, and spindles sold. Shift linkage and pedals etc etc still available. $400 obo. Ok I have for sale an auto to manual swap proposition. It's a little odd and maybe not complete but it would be close. shift linkage (with dg short shift kit), clutch and brake pedal, clutch...
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    o2j tdi trans WTB

    title states it all. I'll come pick it up within a 400 mile radius of 44446 Given notice I'll even remove it. I will not pay more than 500 cash for it. If you have one or know someone that has one let me know.
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    MKIV Jetta TDI 410,000 5spd

    Selling my 2000 Jetta. Motor was rebuilt with rosten rods and pd150 pistons has ~30k miles on it. Everything is stock, minus DC stgIII clutch and internal pistons/rods. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Body is still in good shape but the paint needs some TLC, especially the roof. The clearcoat...
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    McNally Gauges F/S

    Selling my McNally Boost/EMP gauge and Oil Pressure/Temp Gauges with wiring and sensors for $500 shipped. Note this doesn't include the pod mounts, just gauges/wiring/sensors. The Gauges were just recently (last 90 days) upgraded to the Series II gauges and were calibrated/cleaned. The kit is...
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    ALH Head for sale

    Bare ALH head valve guides are still installed and that's it. I'll let it go for $250 plus S&H though. ok Price change! This thing HAS TO GO $225 shipped! Someone buy this!
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    ALH Performance Part Out

    Sold :cool:
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    2003 Silver 5spd Jetta: Feeler

    Car is no longer a Feeler, but for sale $4,500 FIRM The run down: The Good: 1. Head rebuilt by franko6 (Preventative maintenance car was running fine before and after head replacement) 2. Vr6 clutch installed last 15k miles 3. Timing belt done last 15k miles 4. Rear axle bushings and LCA...
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    I think I found a new love... so long jetta ALH
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    TDI Calipers/Kerma VNT Adapter

    I have the front two calipers off my 2000 TDI 40 bucks each shipped or I'll bundle them both for 65 dollars shipped. I also have the caliper brake lines for the front I'll sell those for 10 bucks each shipped or 15 for both shipped. OBO I also have the kerma TDI vnt17 adapter...
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    Friends don't let friends drive their car

    So, let a buddy of mine take the car for a drive. Long story short the car wasn't at NOT and he stood on the throttle at 1,300 rpms. The turbo overboosted at whch point he still didn't remove his foot from the go pedal and the turbo surged then completely stalled starving the motor for air...
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    FS. Fender liner / Spindles

    Up for sale: jetta city fender liner like seen on mint shape barely used 40 bucks obo shipped anywhere in the US. - sold Front driver side spindle WITH the abs sensor, bearing, and hub assembly 60 bucks shipped anywhere in the US (the bearing has about 20k miles on it). - sold...