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    timing belt replacement

    Anyone have a secret to reinstalling the timing belt on a BHW? The how to articles i've found either are not for my engine or require you to pay for access, sorry Im cheap i think if your going to post how to threads you shouldnt stop after the removal procedures and then say the install is...
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    water pump timing belt problems

    I think that's I'll do didn't realize I could lay it down without disconnecting the trans lines. Thanks everyone for the ideas got a game plan for after work tomorrow.
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    water pump timing belt problems

    That was actually my next step taking the whole carrier off and hit it with my air drill was trying to avoid having to refill the transmission but oh well gotta do what i gotta do.
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    water pump timing belt problems

    Well dang, I've already tried sockets like those to no avail either can't get a strong enough bite or too thick to fit in the space available
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    water pump timing belt problems

    Epoxy maybe? Would it be feasible to throw some epoxy on the end of the Allen bit and jam it into the tenants of the hole?
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    water pump timing belt problems

    So saw coolant leaking from the normal spot a water pump would leak (under the front of the vehicle directly inline with where the water pump is) Bought the kit from dieselgeek with the metalnrd tools. Started this morning put the lock carrier in the service position removed the belts and got to...
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    need to change water pump

    does anybody know of any how to articles on removing the timing belt and water pump?
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    running hotter than normal

    it wound up being the thermostat, i switched over from the g12 coolant to standard every day 50/50 green did a complete flush and it runs like a champ again.
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    running hotter than normal

    I changed the coolant flange in my car a few weeks ago and had some other issues along the way but now that it is running good it will get hot at highway speeds, not quite overheating in the red but above the 190 mark on the temp gauge when I let off the gas or go downhill (when it is not under...
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    Anyone in need of a good BHW?

    If I could get the small bolt on the tandem pump that holds the retaining spring in against the adjustment nut that would be fantastic.
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    tandem pump replacement bolts

    So I replaced my tandem pump gasket the other day and the small bolt holding the spring was apparently loose and the car ate the bolt, found the spring just not the bolt. Does anybody know of where I could find just that one bolt?