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  • thanks Keith... let me keep it in mind...

    I'm looking for a B4V as I'm very familiar with them... I'm not sure I'm ready to learn all over again for just one year newer.
    hi Keith, regarding the 98 TDI wagon,

    is there ANY rust(have you had it on a like to look it over recently?)
    is is there a sunroof?
    is it blue of black?
    what maintenance is due?
    have you run in on veg oil previously?
    There is virtually no rust, none that I have found. The B5s just dont rust like MK4s.
    Yes, there is a sunroof, works fine.
    Car is black with some metallic flake.
    There is no maintaince due currently.
    I have only run some biodiesel in t hi is car, no grease.
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