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    CR190 GTD1449vz charge actuator adjustment?

    I recently installed a CR190 / gtd1449vz turbo on my 2016 TDI wagon. How can I adjust the charge pressure actuator? I have a vcds hooked up and it shows the voltage at 8 instead of the desired 3.6. The actuator has no threads or obvious way to adjust it. The car isn't making much boost until...
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    best oil and change interval for 260F+ daily?

    My car is a 2016 DSG GSW TDI with a Kerma tune. I daily drive over a mountain pass that climbs from 5500 ft to 10,000 ft in 15 miles. I drive fast, often 100 mph uphill, the road has little weekday traffic, perfect pavement 3 lanes wide and very predictable police. I had sporadically...
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    new wagons from $12,000!

    VW is dumping TDI wagons for half price in Mexico. Some brand new for under $12,000 with IVA tax included. Last year I bought a 2016 SE wagon with DSG and DAP for less than $15,000 but they where rare last year, now there are 210 listings...
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    Is it possible to make a 2016 TDI wagon handle?

    New 2016 TDI wagons are now for sale in Mexico for around 15k. Seems like a very good deal they are US and Canada spec cars, mostly manual and even some SE spec cars. Is it possible to set the wagon with a torsion beam rear suspension up to handle as well as a GTI? My last car was a MK7 R and I...
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    TDI vs TSI, what to buy?

    I currently have a 2016 Golf R and previously owned a 2012 JSW TDI. I am moving to Mexico City and want to replace the Golf R with a Golf wagon. I love the Golf R but the 19" rims would not last a week and it would bottom out on the numerous topes. I will keep it plated in the U.S. but it will...