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    2019 is the last year for Sportwagens and Alltracks

    VW has announced that 2019 will the last year for Sportwagens and Alltracks in North America. They will be replaced by the new crossover tentatively named the Tarek (called a Tharu in China). The article says that...
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    New 2018 MQB Tiguan

    Well, for a variety of reasons I recently purchased a new 2018 VW Tiguan SE. This is VW’s first MQB Tiguan and it has a new variant of the venerable (if flawed) EA888 2.0L gasoline engine. It is commonly referred to as the EA888 Generation 3b (the “B” is for Budack, but I will get into that...
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    2015 Golf TDI sets new US mileage record - 81.17 mpg

    Volkswagen Golf TDI Sets MPG Record Across 48 Contiguous States Read more: 81.17mpg average driving across all 48 contiguous states. Have Fun! Don
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    Replacing taillight assembly on a Sportwagen

    I recently (stupidly) cracked the left rear tail light on my sportwagen. Luckily, I did no other body damage. My car is actually a 2009, but the light is essentially identical on a 2010+ Sportwagen so I decided to post this in the MKVI forum because there are a lot more 2010+ Sportwagens out...
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    Any San Diego/La Jolla area members want to GTG this weekend?

    Does anybody want to "meet the moderator" next weekend? I will be in the La Jolla/Sorento Valley area for a week (or more) and I will probably be free to meet up with people on Saturday or Sunday (5/16-17) and maybe later in the week. I understand that there is a "Park & Ride" place at Mira...
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    Fuel Pressure issues, HPFP hasn't died - P0087 and P0088 DTCs

    Does anybody here have a dead HPFP lying around? I might just be interested in the fuel metering valve out of it, if you are willing to sell it. Here is the rest of the story: Last Friday I got an "Emissions Workshop" message in my MFD along with a flashing glow plug light and limp mode. I...
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    Definitive(?) list of Abbreviations and Acronyms

    There are several lists here of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used on this forum. In my spare time I have tried to combine these into one list and edited it. I have (mostly) purged it of duplicates, and added a few new items, but I am certain that I have missed some mistakes. Feel free...
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    Any interest in a free Serial to OBDII cable?

    Free Serial to OBDII cable is gone! FREE to a good home!! (you pay shipping only) {EDIT} Cables are gone, somebody beat you to it and paid the shipping. In cleaning out my garage I found 2 old DB9 (serial port) to OBDII cables. They have a female DB9 connector on one end and an OBDII...
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    Stupid Ten Cent Problem

    My car presented me with an interesting (and stupid) little 10 cent problem today. I stopped at a fast food place for lunch and went through the drive through. Because of the jeans I was wearing, I had to unbuckle my seat belt to get my money out. Anyway, I bought my food and was preparing to...
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    2015 TDI models (I spoke with a VW salesman today)

    As stated in the title, I spoke with a VW salesman today about the 2015 TDI models. Keep the source in mind when considering the truthfullness or accuraty of the information presented below. He said that only the 2015 Golfs are MQB or Mk7 chassis/engine design. The 2015 Jetta is still a Mk6...
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    FS: P3Cars Digital Interface (gauges) + Fast OBDLink_LX OBDII-Bluetooth Adapter

    SOLD - Fast OBDLink_LX OBDII-Bluetooth Adapter - P3Cars Digital Interface, SOLD Ok. I have tried several different gauge options for my car and I have finally settled on a Polar FIS+ as the one I like best. The good news is that I now have several other very good options for sale. SOLD -...
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    A minor announcement and a few questions for all Mountain/Southwest States Members

    OK, I have one minor announcement, and two questions for all the TDIClub members in this "Mountain/Southwest States" region. First the announcement: For those of you who have not yet noticed, this sub forum now has a moderator for the first time (at least in my memory). That moderator is ME...
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    vBulletin Message: The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.

    I have been getting this message every once in a while for the last three or four days: vBulletin Message The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later. Is this site really so busy that the server can't keep up, or is something else going on? When I...
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    I saw a funny Beetle yesterday

    Apparently it really does take all kinds of people to make up a world. Yesterday on the way home from work, I saw a fancy black new style "new Beetle" convertible and I had to laugh. They had spent good money buying one of those vinyl stickers that go along the bottom side of the car and that...
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    Anybody interested in a Las Vegas Fall GTG?

    Well, the summer heat (and monsoon rains) has finally left us and the weather is once again beautiful. Is there any interest in a Las Vegas area TDI Meet & Greet? We can do this in many ways. We could just meet somewhere (I'm open to suggestions) or we could do a picnic sort of thing with...