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    $160 Shipped. Ross-Tech VCDS Micro-CAN cable for sale. This is an older version that does not have a VIN limitation. It is easiest if you email me at jmcalister AT gmail DOT com if you are interested.
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    WTB- Ross Tech VAG Com

    Did you find one? I have a Micro-CAN for sale. You can email me, jmcalister AT gmail DOT com.
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    Final Buyback Numbers?

    Now that the dust is starting to settle, has anyone seen final numbers for buybacks and fixes? The latest numbers I could find are from July 2018, with 355k cars bought back and 57k opting for the fix. They also state that at least 95% of owners had opened a claim. It would be interesting to see...
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    Anybody buyback their own TDI?

    You should automatically get a $350 (it's more for Audi) check from Bosch after the buyback. I did my buyback at the end of October and had the Bosch check one month later. You definitely want to follow up!
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    Anybody buyback their own TDI?

    Those of us who basically had a "free lease" on our cars for over two years would disagree. :cool: While I'm happy to gotten paid back in full on a car I owned for five years, I also miss the more carefree approach I was able to have with a car that I never had to stress about the little things...
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    do both owners have to be there for turn in?

    I DID THIS VERY THING newbury. I divorced, both of us were on the title. There is a power of attorney (POA) form on the portal that the other owner needs to complete and have notorized. Go to the portal, follow the instructions, it is all spelled out. When I did the turn in the sales guy that...
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    NMS (B7) Passat HID Headlights, LED Ribbon

    Price reduced, less than half of what they cost new and you cannot get them anymore!
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    Bosch Settlement

    Thanks! I was actually logging back on to add that. Once I dug into the FAQ I found that information. It has been so long since I got the notification from Bosch, I started questioning myself if there was something else I was supposed to do.
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    Bosch Settlement

    For those that did the buyback, did you fill through Bosch to get the settlement at or did it come automatically because you did the buyback?
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Just do it yourself.