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    Harmonic Balancer Stuck?!

    I use Irwin bolt extractors which let you hammer the tool onto the bolt head. I've been able to remove any stuck valve cover bolt like that. At least you are going to have a clean manifold when you get done.
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    05 tdi engine cooling fan

    I guess the online sites like idparts are not reasonable to you? Might need to find a salvage yard.
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    Harmonic Balancer Stuck?!

    Valve cover bolts problem - check Harmonic bolts problem - check That's why I make customers buy a set of each for timing belt jobs. Never have a problem if I did the work last though. As to the balancer spray penetrating oil in there as much as you can and spin it if you can. Once it's moved a...
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    I don't know the mechanics of how it works, but as I understand it the ECU communicates with the cluster to see if it's allowed to run the engine. It takes about second or two for that interrogation to take place where then the engine is shut off (if the code doesn't match) and the error is...
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    If it were that simple, people could steal cars easy enough by swapping ECUs. The cluster is what holds the security code regardless of the ECU you install. You could delete the immobilizer and carry on..
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    It was intended to be funny and temper his approach to the advice he was already given, like from Oilhammer.
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    Are they ALH TDI helos? Didn't think so.
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    2004 Jetta BEW cranks, no start.

    No one knows what your parts cost and if they weren't free it's an expensive way to troubleshoot. You understand the concept?
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    Judder under hard load or uphill - golf mk 6 2.0 tdi 140

    Check inner CV joints if it does that on acceleration.
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    Pilot Injector MK4 ALH

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    '03 TDI cam shaft position sensor

    Until he posts a pic of the pump pinned while the crank is at TDC, I am skeptical if the pump is at its TDC position. Wouldn't be the first time this happens while we all are throwing advice at the problem.
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    '03 TDI cam shaft position sensor

    It should start if the injectors are bled. You should be seeing fuel spew out of them if you loosen the nut. If you don't mind, set the crank at TDC, then take a pic of the injection pump pinned. Take it from above the pump right over the postage stamp size smooth flat spot on top of the...
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    Can someone please help me source this noise??

    Start your own thread and if you want to refer to this thread, paste the link in your post.
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    Mk4 Alh 02j 5th gear lost

    The selector ring tabs have fallen out of position. I do see the clip ring still in place. I would disassemble the gear and see what is amiss. Also, you can use this link for how to swap out the 5th gear. Very helpful information on the whole gear area that could give you insight to the problem.
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    Jetta died and wont start back up

    I am going to assume you mean it won't start, but it cranks, even though you say it won't crank. As ToxicDoc say, they are two different things. I think the fuel lines are bleed well based on what you have said. Go and check injection pump timing. 1) Set engine to TDC 2) Take off timing belt...