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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    But you're in Arizona now, right? Just basically the California Diesel tax difference, correct?
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    Malone or Kerma

    In California, seller is responsible for the first time smog check before he/she can actually sell the car. If car doesn't pass, no title transfer is possible. Seller either fixes the car or no sales. Period
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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Here in San Diego, best price for Diesel is about $3.85 RUG is $3.29 at Costco. Plus I get 3% cash back with my Costco credit card. Best deal is the night rate on electricity. 9 cents per kw to charge the 2018 Chevy Volt. About 16kw gives me 60miles of electrical range. Even on Gas only, the...
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    Need to sell GMC engine... suggestions?

    Not to be a Donkey, but suggest if it has not sold, your price is too high. But then again, some things just take time to find the right buyer. Good Luck with the sale.
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    Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability

    My own experience with a 2018 Chevy Volt is very close to that of Lug_Nut. At 10 months into a 3 year 36K mile lease, I am paying $254.xx per month and my electric operation cost is well below $0.10 cents per mile. Even in San Diego, which has some of the highest cost Electric rates in the...
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    AHU - Air in Fuel System

    Mark, Check your P.M.s Just sent you one.
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    Decent Independent VW mechanic in the Orange County area?

    This is an EXCELLENT shop in North San Diego County. Took my old B4V there from East County for years. TDIBill pointed me to this shop about 4 or 5 years ago.
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    Route 66 in May/June

    X2 on CrazyMonkey's post. Walnut Canyon is a jewel. Stop at Williams, AZ (last town bypassed on Route 66). Here is a link:
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    Performance parts

    My suggestion is to get a mid tune first. Cost, about $300 when I did it 12 years ago. That imediately showed me I needed a new clutch. Got a South Bend stage 2 endurance. At the same time as the clutch, I went to a longer 5th gear. Added about 5 mpg on the high IF I could control my right...
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    New Pistons - ASV + .5mm set FS

    New set of oversize pistons for 1.9 TDI engine. These are .5 mm oversize, with rings and pins. Nural part numbers 87-114907-60 and 87-1144907-70 Stock ASV is 110 hp. sold in Europe. Pistons are factory upgrade for 1Z, AHU, and ALH engines. Price $375. Thanks, John Jackson
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    '96 TDI is running too cold

    X 2, Buy a 195 degree thermostat.
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    Fantastic new 2019 chevy cruze diesel

    Yes, you are right. I was using my own limited experience with running the Volt on gas. But that tends to be on longer freeway drives, not local, urban driving. Appreciate the correction.
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    Fantastic new 2019 chevy cruze diesel

    Just to amplify on the gas vs. diesel costs at current San Diego prices: RUG at Costco is $2.95 At 42 mpg it costs about 7 cents per mile around town. D2 is about $3.65 At 42 mpg it cost about 8.7 cents per mile. With the electric car rate from SDG&E and night charging, my electric costs...
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    Steering Racks - 1997 Passat

    Several years ago I had my B4V steering rack rebuilt by a local San Diego rebuilder with excellent results and a much more reasonable price than I found on the internet. Now, I know you are a long way from San Diego - but check out local rebuilders, you might be surprised to find great results.