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    Vehicle Shipping Company recommendations!

    Florida Transporter is also a good option to go with.
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    Input needed!

    I would suggest you go with the purchase of a new Touareg if you do not want to face any problem with the used one. No matter what, a used automobile collaborate with some or the other issues after some time, so it is better to spend more money on buying the new one rather than spending money on...
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    Looking for a good mechanic in Roanoke VA

    Yeah, I agree with you Bob.
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    Steve's '03 Newbie

    Hi Stever, your beetle seems to be really amazing.
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    Another lifted beetle....

    Really beautiful. I liked the color of your beetle.
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    My ALH New Beetle 5 Speed

    It's looking really nice buddy.
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    New to TDIClub? Introduce yourself here!

    Hi to all. Newbie here too. Feeling great to be here.