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    FS mk 4 jetta for parts/scrap

    It is black but i also do have silver parts too. Its a manual but the transmission is sold. I do have an automatic transmission that is not the greatest.
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    FS mk 4 jetta for parts/scrap

    Its rear quarter panel is dented in and it is rusty all around. I'll try posting pictures monday.
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    FS mk 4 jetta for parts/scrap

    Thanks. I mean scrap.
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    FS mk 4 jetta for parts/scrap

    I have a mk4 Jetta that i am about ready to take to scrap. Is there anything anyone wants? email
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    FS: BEW stock turbo

    This turbo was taken off a 2004 golf because it was thought it did not work but it was actually the clogged exhaust. The engine it came off of had around 280k miles. It seems like an ok turbo. $175. shipping available. Email me at
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    FS: complete alh engine without turbo 238K miles

    As the title says, i have a alh engine without a turbo for sale. It has 238k miles the timing belt and head was down shortly after 200k miles. It was stock. $1000 obo. Shipping availible. Located near Erie pa. Email me at . I also have other mk4 Jetta parts, just ask.
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    WTB: ALH exhaust near Rochester, NY

    I have a 2.5 inch straight through that is not too rusty. I am 2 hours away or so. Text me at 814 315 8595 for pictures and more info.
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    ALH turbo types?

    How can a person tell what turbo they have on there car? Like whether it is a vnt 15 or vnt 17 or something else? Is there a guide for figuring out from the turbo plate? Thanks
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    BEW crankshaft bolt help

    Ok thanks. I will do that. i was following the bentley manual and that is what it said to to do
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    BEW crankshaft bolt help

    Im dueing the timing belt on my 2004 golf and i cant get the bolt off the crankshaft. Im just braking stuff. I have tried a braker bar and a inpact. Is there a special socket to use? Any ideas? thanks
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    1.9 tdi powered Cessna 172 Silver Hawk

    COOL! Now i can tell my flying buddy that i was right and that it is possible.
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    WTB ALH Oil Pan, ALH Radiator, ALH Radiator Mount

    I would have all the parts you are looking for. PM sent.
  13. 5 speed swap parts

    5 speed swap parts

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