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    Road & Track: The EPA Is Hunting Performance Shops and Diesel Tuners Are to Blame

    Same old story, one person craps their pants, everyone must wear a diaper
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    adaptor for early square injector to d shape harness Idparts sells connectors. As Jim said, depin and swap. The depin tool has two flat tips that slide in and unlock the terminal ends...
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    Self powered Frostheater idea.

    ...and this is why I say to the OP, just put your lamp on the back of the head (the one on your car). Save the other head for something else. This worked on mine when I had no functioning glowplugs. Saves wear and tear on the starter also.
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    Rods for ALH build Anyone not familiar with Tom Molnar, he was the face of this project from the beginning in the mid '80's. It seems from the moment that blank stock hit the cnc mill in the shop, Oliver's rods and main caps...
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    2003 a4 jetta blip throttle results in rough idle

    Do you run 15w40 in it by chance?
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    Self powered Frostheater idea.

    Take your car to an exhaust shop to Fix your exhaust first before it kills you. Then stick a light with an incandescent bulb on the coolant manifold off the back of the head. Easy trick for the lazy and procrastinating type. Don't hold it against me, Your description, not mine
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    Need advice on how to move forward…

    Forgot to add he's just about 2 1/2 miles off the highway down M57
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    Need advice on how to move forward… I don't know if you are familiar with Kirk, but you could message him and see what he has to say. He's pretty well versed on TDI's
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    Lower boost pipe connection failed; what are my options?

    I used silicone to seal both of ours, holding well. This would make a great secondary application and save on duct tape for other applications! Down on the farm baby!!
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    WTB ALH timing belt tools Another option, if you like.
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    Engine won't fire after application of liqui Moly DPF cleaner

    When I worked municipal fleet maintenance the refuse trucks plugged regularly. We were told to pull them to flush them. Using only water. There was a facility that we could outsource them to, but the turnaround was too long. They supposedly had a piece of equipment that the DPF went into to be...
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    This is power steering correct?

    It was a good year for mushrooms
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    Philly Winter - Stanadyne Lubricity Formula vs Winter 1000

    with Donnas car, I used an emptied Stabil container and put a formula on it for her, don't recall exactly how i broke it down, but she likes how it works. Mine, I just refill the silver bottle and put green ink dots for graduations that are easy to see. I bought two gallons last time, I'll have...
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    This is power steering correct?

    Price of groceries is over rated. Food grows almost everywhere and it is good exercise foraging. Plus it builds character and appreciation of the earth.