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    Headlight alignment on VW GOLF 6 2012

    Sorrty, I see you have a Golf 6, I was thinking MK4, may be something similar though
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    Headlight alignment on VW GOLF 6 2012

    It's a plastic ball and a four pronged socket, real PIA. Hard to get at, one of the socket prongs broke off probably. Seems I saw a thread once where someone pulled the lense and got a small tie wrap around the socket.
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    A little higher than that roller it appears and smaller in diameter
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    I just looked an an ALH I have on a stand. The water pump clocks differently, not sure about the size, but I bet IBW could tell you. The upper roller is in the accessory and pump bracket. Idler is in the head, and the lower roller is, if you follow a horizontal plane, within the bottom of the...
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    BHW/ALH VE Hybrid...

    Another thing to consider would be setting up the ALH timing belt system
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    Odd rough running, worn cam or dodgy autobox issue ????

    I had issues with my ALH auto torque converter wanting to lock up at idle in gear, I assumed that anyway, before swapping it out. Different animal though.
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    Really loose coolant temp sensor

    The o-ring May have rolled. Purchase a tube of syl-glide, it’s water resistance and good to a few hundred degrees of temp. Makes coolant o-ring jobs much easier and more successful
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    Time to "End of Life" my '03 Golf TDI?

    Now you're talkin'! I found there was a big difference between 50's and 60's and heard there was an even larger difference between 60 and 70, thanks alot for confirming that!!!! Dishwashers aren't so bad though, except when they talk back to you. I'm still trying to get mine to do floors...
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    Time to "End of Life" my '03 Golf TDI?

    I’v Been contemplating getting rid of my tools and putting a nine foot pool table in my garage along with a big refrigerator. Maybe a couple hammocks. Not easy interrupting a lifelong passion though I would need a good, inexpensive mechanic who can move and setup pool tables
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    Time to "End of Life" my '03 Golf TDI?

    At some point along with rust, tendinitis and arthritis get factored in also. Car aren’t the only bodies that get old 😉
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    Running rough/Fuel Smell

    Check connections for a boost leak also
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    Michigan TDI mechnic

    I believe so, at least I saw him post just the other day.
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    Rebuilt ALH Lifter Noise NEED HELP!!!

    Check for an exhaust leak, possibly where the injector mates to the head. If not swap out your injectors and then your pump. I saw a video of your truck in the snow, lot of black smoke, hope you didn't damage another piston.
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    Time to "End of Life" my '03 Golf TDI?

    Not to mention some of the $3500 TDI's that are rolling dumpster fires
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    Your favorite Mk-4 TDI Mods

    5 sp swap, diesel geek skid plate and short shifter, synthetic rubber suspension bushings and lift. tune and nozzles, hitch. Everything else was just PM or frivilous icing