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    2014 Jetta A/C clutch not engaging

    I have a similar problem on the 2013 Jetta 2.5 SE I just bought. I also have a problem with the fans running full blast as soon as you start the car, I thought it might be the fan module so switched fans, now they are still running too much, sometimes the small one, sometimes both. I blipped the...
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    2013 jetta door lock failure

    solved - turned out to be a 25 fuse, 3rd from the right on top. 3rd from the last one I checked of course haha
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    Help me price my 2003 Jetta TDI Wagon properly

    Being an automatic you would want an 11mm pump, I have a good 10mm here i'd sell for $50 but its far away anyways. I bought an 11mm pump at Kenny u pull (pick a part out there probably) roughly $50 and shot a pump expert $200 to put a kit in it for me, works like a charm. Its lucky I had him do...
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    2015 VW Jetta TDI 6 speed manual

    Your current vehicle is a SE and your selling a TDI? Its gotta be one or the other (I have one of each and SE is Gas and TDI is diesel). Price might be interesting too LOL
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    Diesel Discount

    I go to the indian reserve near montreal and its usually about $.18 a liter cheaper (thats like $.80 a gallon), that does add up. In the summer the savings were a lot more. funny, regular gas is only a couple cents cheaper HAHA thanks gas (diesel) buddy
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    2013 jetta door lock failure

    No suggestions yet? I finally got the tranny in and the car running, seems to be some other issues going on too, like dash wierd (tach/speedo), temp seems wrong... Im starting to think its the BCM (body control module), did anyone ever try resetting one with the old trick, take neg of battery...
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    2013 jetta door lock failure

    I just bought a 2013 jetta 2.5 too fix up (i really am a tdi guy, was a great price), when i lock with the key fob the alarm sets but none of the doors lock, the red light on drivers door comes on and there is clicking in the dash. same thing with opening, just turns off the alarm light...
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    My Wife's '13 Jetta TDI needs Malone tuning and an EGR, DPF delete.

    Lol, that's who did my tune, Don't expect too much, his garage is a rats nest and he uses an ancient laptop for the tune. I really can't complain because the car goes like stink and doesn't smoke (except maybe under hard acceleration). It smoked like hell before he did the tune, seems like the...
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    Cherche un bon garage Audi

    J'ai une tres bon garage mais loin un peu, pour les job plusiers heures (strap de timing ect), juste les voitures allemandes - Atelier mecanique GSL a waterloo, proche de autoroute 10 - c'est un peu longue pour une rendezvous :) excuse mon francais ecrit lol
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    My Wife's '13 Jetta TDI needs Malone tuning and an EGR, DPF delete.

    I'm really close in Mansonville, Just above North troy Vermont. I know all the local VW guys, There is a tuner near sherbrooke (he did my malone tune and egr/MAF delete) and I know a guy in eastman that could probably do the egr dpf (mechanical part of the job)for you. He did it on his own car...
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    wtb alh timing belt tools-monteal

    Thanks, I found a guy in Canada, the border closure is a real pain, i'm 10 mins away from USA....UPS screwed me on shipping already this month, almost $80 shipping for $100 in parts, always use fed ex.... (usa to canada)
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    coolant resevoir leaking

    Ya, i know the hose works, I put my mity vac on it and got some air bubbles, Ive been driving like a granny for a few days, maybe 500 km (3-400 miles) and its not going down, sitting near minimum. insane fuel economy lol Its got me thinking the arp studs and don't nail it too often, maybe it...
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    coolant resevoir leaking

    I've been studying the problem for a few days and it seems a few people have installed the ARP 204-4706 head studs and solved the over-pressure coolant tank problem, anyone else ever tried this? it would be way less labour and maybe worth a try....
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    wtb alh timing belt tools-monteal

    Interested in a set (not chinese amazon crap) so I can change my head gasket and maybe do a timing belt down the road, if price is right :) Might be able to have shipped in USA to a friends place in vermont. Thanks