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    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    Bad compass I picked up a used 2015 with 34,xxx miles on it. The compass doesn’t seem to work. It does change direction, but has no accuracy. I think I’ll take it in for and oil change and mention it.
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    First post, tranny question

    So I did some digging and I found this I’ll be doing this in the next few days and I’ll see how it goes.
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    First post, tranny question

    I checked the wheel bearings with the car in the air, I checked for play. Grabbing the wheel side to side, top and bottom. I didn’t find anything there. I went on to the cv joints. Grabbing the shaft and moving it looking for any free play. The only play I could find seemed to be in the diff...
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    First post, tranny question

    Hello, first time posting. I have an 06 Jetta BRM package 2 with a manual transmission. I’ve installed KermaTDI 150+ package, and I’ve been running it for about 60k miles. (It’s really great, btw) Lately I’ve noticed a bit of a noise when I turn at speeds above 30mph. I lifted up the car and...