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    Timing Belt Age 40k Miles

    6 years is max what all T/Balt manufacturing recommend . So you are 3 years over. If is my car I would do it ASAP.
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    Dfw tdi's?

    There is tons of TDI in DFW area .
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    Clutch Replacement Light Pedal Feel

    Absolutely normal. I get this question all the time when I put new clutch to customer .
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    ALH injection pump head seal replacement - alternative method

    Done over 100 with Duck Tape method and never had any problem. Never had to remove head.
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    Accessory key position - don't have one

    It is not ignition , it is VW made newer Radios to not play at ACC. You have to push power button if you wan to play Radio.
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    Immobilizer Delete, New Cluster, or Battery?

    I never seen battery will cause Immobilizer problem. How ever mk5 models has problem with cluster and I have solution for that , which cost 3x less what will cost you to put new cluster in car . Imo0 delete will make car start and run , but when you have problem immob active "message will be all...
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    Ignition Switch Issue

    It is not ignition switch , it is Ignition housing that needs to be replaced. I suggest you do it soon as you can , because now you can remove Key Tumbler very easy and use existing keys back , one day , very soon , you will end up with not turning at all, and in this situation it is very hard...
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    One Key

    It is very risky to try remove rfid chip form original key, They glues very good and 99% of the time they brake , then you end up in no start situation.
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    Passenger door won't lock, even after replacing lock mo

    Make sure that you do not have broken harness , this is common problem on Mk5 , 2006 models . Someone pull out that fuse for reason. The writes brakes between door and chassis , you need to pull out that rubber isolation and look at wires.
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    Timing belt change on 2014 Passat TDI with 88,000 KM?

    Here we go:
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    Timing belt change on 2014 Passat TDI with 88,000 KM?

    Are you going to pay for damage when t/belt brakes on this car????? Every timing belt has time and miles ,All manufacturing recommend no more then 6 years regardless of miles . There is a member from Canada it happened to him at 95000 kilometers, and belt was 6 years old .
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    Can I put a 6 speed manual in my 05 Passat TDI wagon?

    Once you change transmission , Gear ration will chnage and CC will not work anymore . Yes I do any kind of tuning . As far as fuel economy ,with correct tune and when you put correct TDI transmission you should get about 40mpg HWY, City is very hard to tell , depend of driving conditions , how...
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    Gas cluster in diesel 2000 beetle (want to wire a glow plug light)

    In Immo 2 System you do not need SKC from Cluster that is intall in car . Only from Donor cluster.That why worked :). What about Miles not matching???
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    Horn Not Honking When Locked

    Brian I can not believe you do not know how to lock manually A5 Jetta /Golf. On side of the door there is a hole with rubber plug, remove that plug and you push plastic know in , and it will lock door manually .
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    Can I put a 6 speed manual in my 05 Passat TDI wagon?

    One thing you need to have in mind is Cruise control will not work when you put different transmission code. That can be fixed with tuning ECU , and I can help you on that if you wish to have Cruise control working. You can message me if you need any help on that .