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    2001 TDI GOLF suddenly difficult to shift when running

    Hard shift clutch problem My 2002 Jetta started having hard shifting problems. I changed gear lube. no help. It was like the clutch was not fully disengaging. Was prepaired to replace the clurch arm and pivot. Happened to take the car to the car wash.. Clutch problem went away... Turns out the...
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    A New ALH valve cover GASKET ONLY>?

    I bought an aftermarket cam cover, it was missing part of the molded gasket. Sent it back. The replacement the vendor (not the infamous vendor) sent was still missing a bit of the molded gasket, so I put a bit of silicon in that spot and installed it. After 5,000 miles it leaks around where the...
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    ALH pump leak hose damage

    When my pump leaked, the diesel damaged the small coolant hose below it. I purchased a new hose but originally it is tied to and other hose and they are routed across the front of the engine and up the right hand side of the engine compartment. Replacing it looked like one of those 30 minute...
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    Readiness code reset

    Check engine light, reset readiness codes Well a Glow plug failed and the wires to the manifold change-over valve solenoid had chafed and shorted. Fixed the wires and replaced the glow plug but needed to reset the readiness codes.. Found this posting.. I had answered my own question years ago...
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    ALERT! So Cal Leaky Injector Pump Special,

    Short lived "fix" Pump is leaking now worse than before. Ordered the kit and the two viton seals. The seal replace video is great. I learned.. With top off you can see when the pump is "on cam". Need to finish replacing the front wheel bearings first. 190k on the clock. Cheers Jet 02
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    ALERT! So Cal Leaky Injector Pump Special,

    Pump liquid sealer Checked the container of what I used. It was.. Bar's Leaks engine oil stop leak concentrate. Jet 02
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    ALERT! So Cal Leaky Injector Pump Special,

    Injector pump healed Due to car going to be left in long term parking 120 miles away and no time to replace seals, I had to do a quick fix on a Leakey pump. To the fuel tank, I added one bottle of engine oil seal restorer and a quart of ATF for lubricity. Then topped off the fuel tank with...
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    TDI mated to ZF 4HP22?

    4hp22 to VAG I wonder if Volvo ever put the 4hp22 behind a diesel. They used VAG diesels.. And they used the 4hp22.
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    TDI mated to ZF 4HP22?

    4hp22 to WV Most of the 4hp22's have a large nose on the torque converter. 1-1/4" and will not fit into the end of a VW crank. The Volvo has the smallest nose of all the 4hp22's I have seen. But, the converter rebuilders will not swap front half of a torque converter. In your application the...
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    ALH vs ASV wiring

    Is the ECU pin-out the same for ALH (2002) and the ASV. I understand the nozzles are different and the turbo may also be different. Is all the rest of the engine management system the same between the two. Thanks
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    100 Deg. and NO A/C Well, I read the first page.. Fans had worked yesterday but not this afternoon. Read the Mk4 fan test page.. Went out to the car, key on, ac button "in" interior fan on mid position. I check and I have no low speed fans (large fan was replaced when I first bought the car)...
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    DBW nozzles

    Nozzles vs tune Well I went for nozzles first, wanted p 520's, got upgraded to P1019's, way to much smoke. I think, Sale of a set of P 1019"s = additional sale of a tune. Get a tune at the same time as the nozzles. Or just get a tune... Just a newbies thoughts.
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    Mystery Items Found in Oil Pan

    Suzie homemaker stops the oil leak. That looks like the nut portion of a toggle bolt. Hmm, fender washer , rubber washer and a toggle bolt to temporary fix a stripped drain plug. That's my guess
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    Rebuilt ALH mpg question with S7 turbo?

    MPG for ALH My 2002 Jetta was purchased with a seized camshaft and cracked oil pan. A rebuilt head and timing belt kit got it on the road. Mileage was 40-45 with 50/50 city / 60mph expressway. Hit 50mpg on a road trip to pick up an AHU. (carried it in the trunk) Mileage drops 2-3 mpg with...
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    Injector calibration

    hammer mod Hammer mod was done. It helped, won't pull the tires loose in first now. I contacted one of the prime TDI brains, in the east, and he said have a local Bosch shop install and test the nozzles. Well I looked up the Bosch diesel service centers and was directed to a local shop, one of...