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    Here it IS HO5G GTG Nov 01, '08

    Hi All~ Wow! It's been a while since my last browse here. It's great to see *some* people/things (or people's things) never change! No one understands my love of TDI's here and of course, they will never know until they have the privilege of meeting you guys one day~! But then, they would...
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    Impexfest VII May 3, 2008

    this is what we can do get her a TDI! and the rest is easy!
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    First Saturday HO5G GTG

    Hey, Hands off the bunny! Hmmm... I need this book... Thanks Julie for the warm invite! I really wish I can come to the GTG, however, it is a little far for me to travel, 15 hours is a weeee bit too much... ;) Though I really wish I can... Maybe all I need is a pair of red slippers.
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    First Saturday HO5G GTG

    congrats! Congrats on the new arrival! I can't imagine the baby will need much at this point but "food", diapers, and change of clothing. Just remember her favorite blankie and the baby monitor if you decide to bring her to the GTG. Zoe used to sleep in her car seat cradle while I was out...
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    Zippy's Trek Xcountry!

    Gald you made it Zippy! Hi Zippy! Sorry I couldn't be there to send you off and to hear about your troubles on the road but glad you made it to your destination alright. Just to think of it this way, you will have a more exciting story to tell to your grandkids someday! :D I used to live in...
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    TDI Wedding

    Wow! Didn't check in for a few days and look what I almost missed...! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :D Jess
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    The newest 'V'!

    congrats! Congrats...! Now, what are you going to name her?
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    Feb's First Friday - Groundhog Day!

    hmmm... maybe someone's got some explaining to do. :eek::D
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    The Steering Wheel of the Car Goes Round and Round, Round and Round

    a Jetta Wagon can do wonders as well... :D
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    Feb's First Friday - Groundhog Day!

    balloons wherever it is... someone be sure to bring balloooooons... you can make all sorts of things with it.... including sticks and balls. :D
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    Side Note: To my TDI family/friends

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I certainly do need it at this point. While waiting for DB to download his photos, I have these to offer... Golf 2.0 TDI Golf Plus 2.0 TDI (roof is 9.5 cm higher than the regular Golf and the back seats have a lot more movability) Caddy 1.9 TDI (can't...
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    Side Note: To my TDI family/friends

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hi and thank you to those who became my friends in the short amount of time that I've been around. You are truly a great bunch of people. I hope the holidays will bring you and yours peace and joy. Be sure to Behave when Innocent and Trouble are around...:D Jess...
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    December 1st, FF GTG!!!

    this one? :D by the way, What are you guys talking about? *grin*
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    Official Ladies of TDIClub Calendar!

    orders section? Hey, Just out of curiosity, why isn't the calendar under the "orders" section where you can buy liscence plate holders and stuff? :confused: Maybe that could boost sales? just tossing a penny in the air. Jessica
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    Got my NY Plates on the 06 Jetta

    Congrats! I am happy with my 02 Wagon. :D