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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    Are all 2015 ea288 CRUA? How do i positively ID
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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    Yeah 875+ parts seems reasonable last guru who did my ALH and BEW TBs got 300 each I believe, but that was also a decade ago
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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    I knew that would be the answer I got. :) I just don’t have the time right now. that sounds like 8 hrs of labor that would probably take me 15 my local VW specialty shop is booked out but can do it for 875 labor anytime after a few weeks which sounds like about half of what the big shop costs...
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    2015 EA288 timing belt cost?

    Can you guys give me a quick second opinion? My 2015 Jetta just threw a serpentine belt right at 100 K. The only shop in town who can get to it right away gets $150/hr for labor. One hour labor for diagnosis. Another hour for serpentine belt and tensioner replacement. Out the door for the...
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    2015 CVCA leaking part at top rear of engine

    its must be leaking its leaving what looks like a precipitate cake thats growing what does this do?
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    how does CVCA compare to EA288?

    thanks! why does the passat best the jetta in mileage? aerodynamics?
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    how does CVCA compare to EA288?

    longtime driver of ALH and BEW, but have grown to love the EA288 in our 2015 jetta S. was looking to buy another one assuming the long warranty on emissions/turbo/IP are still in effect what about the CVCA-powered passats? were they also recalled and offer similar warranty? i beleive the...
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    Blinking Oil Light / oil pressure question

    seems like light is coming on again at low pressures when engine is hot which tells me that the pressures are lower than they were when i posted this last year at 285K miles, is that engine nearing its end? its time for a TB soon, i need to make some decisions.
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    ALH fuel drainback

    suddenly, if i leave my car parked for more than an hour i need to crank like the devil to get fuel to the pump no obvious leaks.... all clamps look tight. where to look? swap return tee with new o-rings?
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    Entire TDI family named "Worst Foreign Car Engine Of All Time"

    it checks all of the boxes on our mantra Economy - Longevity - Performance and is stupidly simple to work on and compatible with B100 biodiesel which inherently reduces PM and CO emissions by 50%, and HC emissions by 70%, all while using 80% lest embodied carbon than petroleum
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    U.S. Comeback?

    interesting.... can they hit 50 mpg average without diesel? or do they use some electric 'mileage equivalent' quackery to meet their goals
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    Volkswagen exec reaffirms commitment to diesel: ‘Now it is absolutely clean’

    is this the same version of the EA288s in the US?
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    anyone with bluetooth sounding terrible

    hey while were talking phones, how to i connect my lightning iphone to the MDI socket in the console, its got an mdi-old iphone 20-pin cable. i see some mdi-lightning cables on amazon but not sure if they will work or just charge i have the lo-fi (non nav) headunit in a 2015 jetta
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    Blinking Oil Light / oil pressure question

    i guess i need a better gauge