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    Wanted justed purchased yellow WV beetle

    Care to disclose why it's special to you? (Now I'm intrigued)
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    Story about Biodiesel in Wired

    Thanks! That was a good read!
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    BEW heat expectations in the winter

    What's the actual digital reading? My BEW takes a solid 15min on the highway (20f outside) to hit 195f coolant. My 20 min drive to work of backroad driving only gets me to 170f (20f outside). It was worse until I had Kirk change the tstat when he just did the TB job. I used to never crack...
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    Jetta Smyth Ute Conversion spotted at salvage yard (Maryland)

    That's a shame! The engine in the bed appears to be an ALH based on the injection pump and hard injector lines.
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    2016 Audi A6 TDI Prestige 51k miles - Chicago, IL $29.9k (DPF Deleted)

    Congrats on twins! Your ownership log is a nice addition to this car, hopefully it stays in the Club. Free bump!
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    2004 BEW - What to harvest?

    Cup holder center console, Jack, spare tire, grille (easy repaint), sunroof control, glove box door, arm rest assy with mount, rear seats will work in your wagon, siphon all the diesel out (free!)
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    Why so much insurance

    As a Michigan resident, I pay $900 USD per year for LIABILITY (PLPD) on a 2005 wagon. I had full coverage on it but that was $1,900 USD per year. All on a car that's realistically valued at $3,000-$3,500 USD. Simple math says risk it and remove full coverage and the savings pays off in 3 years...
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    Barn Find

    I'm jealous
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    How much ATF should I buy when replacing Solenoids on a 09A

    Change your solenoids. The 1-2 no shift then slam into 2nd is typical symptom of failed solenoids. I use Idemitsu Type J fluid in my 09a transmission. I drain and refill every 10k-15k miles.
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    Odd increase in vibration?

    Check your axle nuts
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    Glad it weren’t my wagon

    You have excellent taste in cars! Glad you're safe
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    AIR SOFT BB's - Right in the tire to balance tires ???

    Dynabeads are used in on road motorcycles. It's called "dynamic balancing"...
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    Where are you located? EDIT: still getting used to the new layout, I see you're in NJ.
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    Steering shake after cv axle replacement

    Most aftermarket CV axles for VW's are junk and will vibrate, at least I've never had good luck... then they will wipe out the wheel bearing on that side. I suggest OEM or send your old OEM unit to RAXLES. I put left and right OEM units from IDPARTS in my '05 two years ago.