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    Do I Need To Tune??

    Was just reading the rest of the service report; Yikes! Bottom of page 2, DMF making noise at idle. Hadn't really picked up on this noise previously, but have been recently noticing vibration at highway speeds. My tires are not in great shape, and I'll be replacing very soon, and had figured...
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    DPF failure data collection

    Yes you did, and thanks! I was just interested to see what a dealer service group would say to that.
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    Got the warranty work finished yesterday and picked it up, from Volkswagen of Marion, IL. They did not replace the turbo. Service manager said they inspected closer, and thought the turbo was okay. May also have to do with the fact that they are having a hard time getting new turbos in. They...
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    DPF failure data collection

    Picked my 2010 TDI Jetta sedan back up yesterday afternoon from VW Of Marion, IL. All work covered under the emissions warranty. Was first told the DPF and turbo would be replaced, but when I asked what was done yesterday, they said the turbo was okay. They replaced the DPF and the EGR filter...
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    From what I read on on here, the least I need to do is pick up an ODBII dongle and a proper app, and start watching things a little closer to manage the regens myself, so I will do that shortly.
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    You are probably correct, but the DPF issue didn't crop up until after the "fix". Would it still have happened w/o the "fix"? I don't feel particularly fearful on this, just looking to treat the car in the best possible manner to get another 10 years/178K miles out of it, whether it's leaving it...
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    Probably will still have it, if it's still running, in 11 years; we tend to run 'em till dead, lol. Still have my wife's '94 Dodge Stealth @ 119K miles, though she did say she's ready to let it go. I get it, re: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but, it IS broke right now, lol. Right now, it's...
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    2010 Jetta TDI sedan, currently @ 178K. Getting close to the end of my extended emissions warranty, after having the "fix" done. Had a CEL, and the codes were p240f, p0401, and p2002, per my local, independent VW/Diesel mechanic. Also have a lot of soot on tailpipe. I had an appointment...
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    DPF failure data collection

    2010 Jetta TDI sedan at 178K. Had a CEL a bit before 178K, and my local diesel guy had p0401, p240f, and p2002 codes. The dealer inspected it on this information, and soot on the tail pipe, and is getting me a new DPF, along with a new turbo, under the Dieselgate warranty. I asked if the intake...
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    2.0 Gen 1 post fix impressions, issues, etc.

    On the P0638 code, it cost me a little over $400 for my local mechanic (not dealership) to fix. Did not realize this would have been included in the emissions fix warranty, or I would have gone to the dealer though...
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    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    Another good word for Jim and his stuff. I've had the P2015 code for a while, and finally decided to do something about it, after reading this thread and looking at the Diesel Geek site. It was VERY easy to install. My engine light did not go out, but I was due for service on mine, with a local...
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    VW Refuses to Fix 2010 2.0l Jetta "Split-Year" with One-Piece DPF/CAT

    My AC failed in my 2010 TDI Jetta 2 years ago. Dealer quoted me a little over $2300 to fix. I'm lucky to have a local guy here that loves all things VW, and works on diesel and gas models, doing excellent work. My compressor was toast, and he replaced and got it all running again for $800.
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    What did you do to your MKVI-A6 Golf family/JSW today?

    Getting 125K tranny service today, along with oil change and filters change. We have a local guy here that specializes on all stuff VW, gas and diesel. He also picks up used stuff, fixes and sells off a lot here.
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    2011 Jetta Sportswagen radio died.

    Has happened to me twice with our 2010 Jetta. These radios have their own fuse, but you have to pull part of the surround on the dash, and pull the radio out to get to it and check; it's on the back of the radio itself. 2 years ago, the original died, like yours. Dealer put in a new replacement...
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    RNS315 to RCD510 with Bluetooth 9w7 Who's done it?

    I DID forget to uncheck "BT-AUDIO" in Setup. Once done, it DOES connect to the phone and play tunes off the iPhone, including song info on the display. I'm going to leave well enough alone, and play tunes through the MDI connection. Thanks!