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    Rear caliper Piston won’t retract

    Try spraying penetrating oil around the dust boot. If that does not work you may need to replace the caliper. The local part store remans are not very reliable in my experience. idparts has new calipers that I have had good luck with both rears.
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    Intermittent engine shut off, not relay 109

    The pig tail wires on the sensor become fragile due to the hot environment in which it resides. That was my problem long ago.
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    Fuel Gauge Kinda Works?

    I also changed the step motor for the fuel gauge inside the cluster, but no change.
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    Fuel Gauge Kinda Works?

    My fuel gauge also fluctuates at certain times; has always been this way. Replacement fuel pump did not change the needle movement. The gauge is otherwise accurate. The needle will drop down and eventually come back up one or two hatch marks.
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    Polo TDI overheating

    Do the cooling fans work?
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    clunking sound in steering rack

    Check for broken front springs. Had this happen on my Golf.
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    oil leak at turbo... again falling victim to BEW oil problems

    Yes, that oil seepage is normal. A so called doggie collar is one option to fix the seepage. That seepage could be minimal. Need to look elsewhere.
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    alternator amperage capacity - how are they different?

    My 120 amp replacement alternator has three sets of stator windings compared to two windings in the OEM 90 amp alternator.
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    help with oil light issues

    I had to change the sensor wire which had become fragile due to its location in a hot environment. No more oil light.
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    Coolant hose identification please?

    Part # may be printed on the hose if not too badly damaged.
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    Transmission whine

    My Continental tires were also noisy; almost like a bad bearing. New Michelin Defenders and no more whine.
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    Having trouble figuring out rough run and smoke

    Thankyou for the update. Good luck with the rebuild.
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    Rad Fans come on when remove 10Amp A/C Fuse

    I think it is normal for the fans to turn on when fuse 16 is pulled or blown. This happens on my Golf. The fans also will turn on when the relay panel fuse on the battery is pulled.
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Warning Light

    I don't recall the details, but replacing the pig tail wire to the pressure sensor made the oil light stay off.
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Warning Light

    Sounds like a wiring issue. Had this happen on my Golf. The wires to the sensor live in a hot environment which become brittle over time.