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    Door Rust Repair (Amateur Hour)

    I had scratch marks on my hood after wet sanding with 3000 foam backed pad. Could not get rid of them; so I sprayed over the scratches with SEM Blenz-In. Worked pretty well. I too used the rattle cans. Base paint from and clear is SprayMax 1k.
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    Headliner adhesive that works?

    Headliner twisters is what I used on my Golf. Used 30 of them.
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    Oil Drip backside of engine

    A doggie collar on the hose you mention could help stop the leak. It did on my BEW. The collar replaces the clip which does not provide a good enough seal IMO.
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    AFN engine stuck injectors - And injector wear?

    My guess would be the use of the proper diagnostic tool, such as VCDS. Looking for injector balance which I have no experience with.
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    Oscillating moan - rrRRrr - every other second at 65 mph

    Was the noise there before all the work?
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    Peeling Clear Coat

    I can relate to the OP's concern. I too have to convince myself not to look for perfection when painting outdoors with rattle cans. I do have some rust which is almost an annual event to get rid of. The front of my hood has the most rust.
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    Fuse 7 speedometer not working

    Do your back-up lights work? They are also on fuse 7 along with the VSS.
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    Trying to find out what something is in car ?

    Two Winters ago I discovered, the hard way, that the antenna unscrews from its base. Broke off in a car wash which I don't often use. I was able to go back and retrieve it.
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    P0726 crankshaft sensor replaced and still getting the code..

    You most likely need a genuine sensor.
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    2000 jetta drivers seat not locking

    I too had to lube the retracting/locking pin which was stuck in the retracted position. I took the whole assembly apart and sanded both the pin and the housing into which it slides. Lots of corrosion.
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    Best method to splice in abs sensor wire harness to car? (2002 ALH NB right front)?

    I spliced my front right replacement cable under the left side cowl where it leads under the plastic cover for the conduit. That was easier than trying to undo all of the tape to locate the old cable. Hope this makes sense. Not familiar with the NB setup.
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    Glow plug numbering

    I think the maximum removal torque is 25 ft.lbs. to be on the safe side.
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    Views on Top Side Oil Changes

    I recently bought a syringe that sucks into one port and out through another port on the down stroke into an empty container. Made by Lisle. I had to drill additional vent holes in the top for easier pull and push.
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    Parasitic Drain Culprit Found! Hint... It was the glowplug relay

    Good story. I had a mouse nest in my cabin air filter. Wonder how they get inside there.
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    MK6 Golf Electric Radiator Fans Run Max With No Reason

    Check fuses. On a MKIV the fans will run if fuse 16 is blown or removed.