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  • I am having the exact same problems with my 2013 Passat.

    Part Number 3C0035684G
    Map - 7870

    Jay, I flipped you an email. If you can help me out that would be greatly appreciated. My wife is getting tired of listening to me sing...
    I have a 2015 Passat TDI SEL and the Headunit needs a firmware update as it won't seem to boot up.
    Intermittantly I just get the VW logo on the screen and it goes blank for a few seconds and then returns to the VW logo again.
    Help please, can you send the firmware and install instructions.
    I am Uber driver and no radio is a disaster
    Hi, can you please email me directly as I don't always receive message notifications from the forum for some reason.
    j a y s k i 9 9 @ h o t m a i l . c o m
    Without the spaces in my email.
    Thank you
    hello there, i saw u have the new firmware for RNS 510, i would need it if its possible.
    mine is
    HW : H70
    SW : 4120

    I would need something new bc mine stoped working, and i read that it could be only bc of the soft
    Thank you
    Hello I think I need the filmware update I have a 2014 VW Passat TDI SEL Premium that sat for 5 years with a blown up motor in it Seems like it takes long time for radio to load and always goes to the MDI page on it. What information do you need and what does this cost? Thank You Rick
    Hi Jayski, I came across an old thread and I'm looking for the 4366 firmware for my RNS510 E revision which is currently at ver 3696. I can burn a dvd/just need instructions and a download link. Thanks.
    Hi Mark, if you are still looking, please shoot me an email to jayski99@hotmail.com.
    I do have the 4366 firmware.
    Hello, Jayski. I have a 2014 Passat with RNS-510, model L, H-22, With FW 5374 and 8050 maps. I am getting the restarts and reboots.
    I believe I'm looking for FW 5382 and 8534 maps, Please e-mail with your solution. jlc4rcs@gmail.com
    My apologies drifter! I had no idea you left a message here. I just came in to respond to a message and noticed my alert was flashing.
    Please shoot me an email to jayski99@hotmail.com and I can help!
    Thank you!
    Greetings, I have a 2015 passat with the following info 3C0035684N, H26, 5378, North America, Navteq, 8112. I am getting the continuous reboot issue and sdcard failure. Also old maps. Looks like you can offer me support. Please email me at zgtd01@yahoo.com I will also try back here.

    Thanks, Gordy
    Hi Jay, I have not received RNS510 firmware after I paypaled you the money. Is there a problem? Please let me know. Thanks
    Hi, it will arrive, I've never had mail not delivered. I myself was waiting for a package from california that was due last Friday and it showed up yesterday.
    I can email you a photo of the postage if you can send me your email address?
    Hi Jay, thanks for the explanation. I was wondering if you have my physical address. My email is dong.449@osu.edu.
    Hi Jayski,

    My RNS 510 encountered some reboot problem and thus I am interested in the firmware you mentioned (v5382). I am a little cautious/nervous on updating my system. Therefore, would it be possible for us to talk over the phone briefly before I pull trigger. Thanks a lot in advance. My current firmware is v5374.

    Best wishes,
    Hello Jayski,
    Can you please help me get the FW update for my passat ?

    I've an RNS510 in my Passat CC year 2013 :

    - 3C0035684G
    - HW Vers = H02
    - SW Vers = 3696
    - HW Veh = 0xCA01
    I can make the firmware available for you to download and burn to a CD-R or DVD-R

    And can make it available anytime for you, it's about 500mb in size so a fairly fast download. If you are unable to burn it to a disk I can also mail it to you.

    Hope that helps!
    Hello Jayski,
    Can you please help me get the FW update as well as the map update for my passat ?

    I've an RNS510 in my Passat TDi Highline year 2013 :

    - 3C0035684G
    - HW Vers = H03
    - SW Vers = 3696
    - Map Vers HDD = 7870

    Thanking you in advance for your return,
    Hi, can you send me your number and I'll give you a call? Thank you!
    And yes I do have the latest firmware and nav updates for your unit.
    Thank you
    Thank you for your help
    Howdy Jayski,
    MY rns-510 has been in a restart loop for the past few months. I have no idea what version is currently in there. When I hold the star, eject, and guide buttons it gives me the same VW screen with the message --the system is not able to start up, please insert swl-cd.
    Can you tell me what I need to get to fix the problem?
    Hi Marco, can you tell me what year and model VW you have? And are you able to slide the unit out from the dash a bit to see the part # on the top sticker if the unit? You don't need to disconnect the unit.
    You'll need a torx 20 bit to remove the 4 screws holding it in your dash.
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