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    infotainment display issue

    Mine is flickering to the point where it’s unusable. I bought my 2015 new in May 2017 but now have 99,500 miles on it. Am I out of luck here now with VW covering it?
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    Does your temp gauge pin slightly left?

    Thanks, all of my other TDIs I've owned always stayed perfect Center, so was just curious. I know it's not an actual indication of exact temperature, just wanted to see if it was the same for others with the 2015s.
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    Does your temp gauge pin slightly left?

    The gauge is 200 center, my needle is always at like 197ish, slightly left of middle, never dead center. Is this normal. I know the temperature is fine, wondering if I have a bad sensor somewhere. Are your needles pinned at dead center 200 at full warm up?
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    Lowering Springs

    I put hr sport springs on my 2013 golf tdi not to lower it (which it did by about an inch and a half) but for tighter handling. I did that at about 20k miles. Put them right on with the stock struts. I now have 160k. I've not come across any negative effects. Even the stock struts still feel...
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    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    You are correct, I am just looking at my window sticker now and seeing my lighting package listed as one of my options and not standard.
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    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    Not positive about that but I would say that it probably is standard on the SEL.
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    Purchased a '15 Golf today.

    Thanks....I know! I'm still pretty giddy about it:D I don't think many in that combo exist. I believe heated seats can be installed for $850. Congrats on yours too. These truly are great machines, I can't drive anything else! and haven't for about 17 years.
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    Purchased a '15 Golf today.

    If I had found an S model in 6MT I would have taken it in a heartbeat and just added heated seats which is the only thing I'd really miss and would have saved me a boatload of money, but I'm ok with the SEL at the same time. Plus the Silk Blue color is nearly impossible to find so I'm very happy.
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    Actual Purchases of 2015 Stop-Sale (NEW TDI's)

    Picked up a Golf 6MT SEL Silk Blue. Near impossible to find but I was determined. Called dealers through the entire northeast before finding one.
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    Purchased a '15 Golf today.

    So happy I found this. They are NOT easy to find in 6MT. I called a great portion of the northeast and literally 2 dealers had them. I got the Golf SEL Silk Blue 6MT and I'm in love:D I only have one photo the dealer took for me but when I bring it home I will show more.
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    Who has mounted snow tires for sale due to you doing the buyback? Northeast (NJ NY CT

    Im looking for a set of mounted snow tires for sale for an mk6. Let me know what you have, thanks.