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    Newer TDI

    Fortunately, my 2002 Golf TDI w/ 220K+ is still going strong. It's tempting to replace it with an upgrade to a 2015 Golf TDI. One is for sale locally for about $14K w/ 70K miles. But then I question if it's even worth it. Most of the major issues on the 02 have been dealt with (i.e...
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    tips for fuel economy

    Diesel-Hybrid Why not?
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    303 Aerospace Protectant

    A relative in Arizona has successfully used it for years for UV protection. I bought 1 qt and have sprayed it on my tires (treads especially). I'll do this now every 3 months until the stuff runs out. Maybe the treads will last longer? We'll see. Ask me in about a year.
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    303 Aerospace Protectant

    Has anyone used this product before?:confused: I just sprayed the tires on my Golf. I'll be curious to see if the tread life really gets extended if I apply this stuff every 3 months.
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    2015 & 2016 TDIs for sale at dealerships

    Yes, it's a dealer. If I buy the car and have it reprogrammed for more power, will the fix part 2 ruin the reprogramming so that I'll have to have it done all over again?
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    2015 & 2016 TDIs for sale at dealerships

    2015 Golf TDI S Do you think a 2015 Golf TDI S w/ 52,000 miles for $14K is a good deal?:confused: Should I assume that the Fix 2 has already been done, or is the dealer require to disclose that? If I buy it, I don't want any unpleasant surprises.:eek: PS. What does the S after TDI...
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    2015 & 2016 TDIs for sale at dealerships

    Any comments about the various TDIs popping up for sale at dealerships? The VW diesel-gate scandal has tainted their reputation. Nevertheless, I've been seeing several priced $15K on up, which are sometimes $2K+ under bluebook value with less than 50K miles. :cool: Any caveat emptor specific to...
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    02 Jetta wont start, immobilizer, recode key

    Problem solved! After waiting about 30 minutes, the key symbol still didn't go out.:eek: I got impatient.:mad: Fortunately, I got a text from my auto mechanic, Oliver Wegener, recommending that I try disconnecting the battery terminals for a few minutes so that everything can reset. :cool...
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    02 Jetta wont start, immobilizer, recode key

    Thanks for this post. I'm about to try your solution in my 2002 Golf TDI.
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    Source for 7.3mm ID Viton hose?

    How about 2.5 mm ID flexible viton tubing? Can someone recommend a source for it?
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    US Biodiesel Locator Map

    What about the station by the Pentagon? Doesn't the gas station across from the Pentagon sell it anymore?:confused:
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    Glowplug order?

    Order from left to right is #4,3,2,1. Corsair, you are absolutely right! Last night, TDIclub's friendly neighborhood mechanic, Oliver Wegener, looked at my glowplug problem because the check engine light was still on in spite of my having replaced what I thought was #4, and then #3. The error...
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    Glowplug order?

    I think the order of the glow plugs might vary per car model. A check engine light code indicated the #4 glow plug needed replacing. The guy at Autozone looked it up and said for my car the order, when facing the car, is 1-3-4-2. Thus, today I replaced the glow plug in position #3. Is...
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    Volkswagen Group to heavily invest in innovation and technology Volkswagen Group will invest a total of US$113.8 billion in its automotive division over the coming five years, with more than two-thirds of the total investment amount to flow into increasingly efficient vehicles, drives and...
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    Is your company Renewable Energy Group, Inc.? Just curious. Great stock...REGI.