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    VCDS scan Required, 2006 BRM

    Hope someone has the time to read my codes this weekend. Flashing Glow plug but car drives great. I am in the Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge area.
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    G70 vs RedLine MTL, 5 years later

    I am starting this thread to remind me to check the shift condition of both my BRM's. Read this thread about general talk on shift quality and possible wear. Note the date and shift discription in my post. I changed the oil in both my...
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    Here is my Cheap Febi Cam at 45000 miles.

    3 years ago I bought the cheapest Febi cam I could find on the internet. It was going to be my 3rd cam. The first Oem cam was replaced under warranty and had a dubious history of oil changes although 5w-40 505.01 was used. The second Oem cam was showing wear on both #1 and #2 exhaust follower...
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    Shell Rotella T6: VOA for CJ4 vs. CK4 This shows some interesting differences.
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    Argument for tight BEW or BRM Injector setting

    I posted this in the A5 thread and thought you guys may have may have not considered this. I was responding to a cam replacement( BRM or BEW) reduced mileage question.
  6. Go Faster's Cam Bearing change out at 460,000 kilometers

    Go Faster's Cam Bearing change out at 460,000 kilometers

    #1 cam bearing on right is blocking oil passage.
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    Memorandum on Solid Lubricants

    Memorandum on Solid Lubricants This is an interesting read as the issues in this article pretty much parallel the issues for the science on the subject today up to 2014. See why below. Read it here or read it here, which...
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    Best Oil Yet? Renewable Lubricants: BioSyn 5w-40

    Could this be the best oil yet(?) for a 2006 PD BRM with 260,000 kilometres Iron........17 Copper......2 Lead.........0 Alum........5 Tin...........0 Chromium.0 34000 kilometres on cheap Febi cam and Biosyn 5w-40. The first oil change was 12000 kilometres and then the second was 22000 km. and...
  9. Renewable lubricants BioSyn 5w-40 UOA

    Renewable lubricants BioSyn 5w-40 UOA

    22000 kilometers on oil, Oct 2015 to Oct 2016
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    Diesel Geek, 100,000 Mile Timing Kit, 2006 BRM

    Looking for considered opinions. Good kit and was thinking about how far I should be able to go considering the following changes. The kit was put in 2011 with 122,000 kilometers on the odometer. I replaced inner valve springs at 142000 km; 15% reduction in pressure from 147 lbs. to 125 lbs...
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    Cam Wear: Possibly Linked To Oil Pressure Using the above info compare: The BEW has the stock pump The BRM has the high out put pump (a different drive ratio that according to Franko6 drives the pump 30% faster). My thought is this. We are saying( the club average is saying) 5w-40 weight...
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    Oil Pressure Sending Unit: Working Strangely

    I installed an amsoil by pass oil filter on my 2006 jetta. I used the following 42 designs to adapt to the pressure port on the filter housing and then U-loop back with the 12 inch hose and 4 way block with the sending unit, so I could attach to the to the same electrical connector. The sending...
  13. cam Mods

    cam Mods

    .010 inch, 5 degree chamfer, cross sand lobe 1600 grit
  14. HPIM2267


    5 hours of stationary no load break-in and 5 hours of highway with break-in oil
  15. HPIM2275


    Mixed (4) litres of 30 and 40 wt. automotive non-detergent together equally, added 1/2 litre of HDDO 15w-40 and 2 ounces Zddplus. Drained after breakin and added 5w-40 low ash Biosyn.