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    2015 Passat SE/Sunroof TDI $9500 (Alabama)

    SOLD. Local sale.
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    Weird suspension "pop"?

    Sounds like it could be a CV joint just starting to indicate it's wearing out. Turn the Steering wheel to the full lock position to the left, and drive in a tight circle. Then do the same to the right. If it clicks, it indicates a CV joint going bad. Check your CV boots to see if they're...
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    Any VW employee member can answer a question?

    You're from Norway. I know that warranties vary greatly from one country to another, so trying to ask a warranty question here may be a futile effort as what applies in one country, may not be the case in another. (although the TSB's usually are). That being said, you should contact your...
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    Koni Reds vs. FSD's

    I just found this thread so I thought I'd chime in. I ordered my Special Actives from ID Parts this past week after bending a few front suspension parts in an unfortunate run-in with a curb in the rain in one of my 2015 Passats (94,000 miles). Even though the strut wasn't damaged, it was...
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    Jump Starting Trick

    Recently I came upon a fellow TDI owner in a parking lot with a VERY dead battery. He had the cables hooked up to his car and was trying to get jump started from a Pick-up truck. No matter how long they waited between starts, the TDI would barely turn over the starter. The issue? Grossly...
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    Beetle and Beetle Convert. Roll Call. Who's out there?

    The Beetle community seems to be people who don't really modify their cars much, unlike some of the other forums, and that may be why this part of TDI club isn't really active. Also, since the engine and transmission are pretty much the same across the TDI's, a lot of answers for engines...
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    Floor Jacks - any good ones out there??
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    Beetle and Beetle Convert. Roll Call. Who's out there?

    Ok, this section of TDI club has been largely dormant for quite a while. Lets get it rolling a bit. Who has a Beetle TDI 2012+ Who has a Beetle Convertible 2012+ ? I have a 2015 Beetle Convertible TDI with 3200 miles on it. The wife and I are "Saving it for Later" and driving it very...
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    2013 NMS Totaled- video is a good source for values. (2013 SE Model 100k miles $8250-10,400) FWIW- Here are a few that may be a good replacement: Note: I am not affliliated with this car lot in any fashion. I have purchased a vehicle from them. And found that they are a good source for low mileage TDI's...
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    Does computer turn all glow plugs off if one is bad?

    Here's a discussion of the exact same thing. The light will come on just for a "bulb check". And the glow plugs operate independently of the dash light. A non-working dash light doesnt necessarily mean the glow plugs aren't powered. Read this thread...
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    Any dealers specializing in used TDI sales?

    Donahoo Auto in Birmingham AL. I was able to pick up a 2015 Passat that was previously a Fleet Vehicle owned by VW with 758 miles on it. One-Price shopping. No haggle. Looks to be pretty much Blue Book Value for both trade ins and purchase. Very LOW...
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    Michelin A/S 235/45/18

    Most comments I've read about Continentals is that they are inconsistent from one set to another. I've also noticed that people tend to confuse the tires since they share similar names. Tire and Mileage Rating 1. True Contact Tour, (80k), 2. Pure Contact LS, (70k) 3. Control Contact...
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    2013 NMS Totaled- video

    2 observations- Metal is metal. People are the important variable in the equation. I'm glad no one was hurt. THIS IS THE REASON I DRIVE GERMAN ENGINEERED CARS. What is amazing is The way the passenger compartment/doors remained fully functional. The doors opened and closed with no...
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    2015 Golf TDI long crank first start of the day

    I'm tempted to say it's no big deal, but if it concerns you here's my 2 cents: 1. Battery A good battery will have a huge surge of power during key-on/(Glow Plugs), and a diminished battery wont. The OEM battery gives ABSOLUTELY ZERO warning before going bad. Glowplugs take far more...
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    2013 Polo Bluemotion 1.2 TDI

    Whew! That was close. Okay. Now I can spend Christmas with the family without staring at the driveway wondering if I've stayed long enough to not be considered rude for leaving and driving my new Polo. Congrats on the sale!