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    Opti lube XPD dosage for new 2015+ CR EA288

    You can pour it in a glass and drink it before bedtime also......:D.... but do you?
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    How to Carry OPTILUBE or Fuel Additive In Car

    Staying 100% away from the why or when, I would like to add that you need to be safe carrying this stuff. I had an Opti-Box in the back of my F-350 and somehow the box got tipped over. The box remained upside down for days. Somehow, I was an unlucky guy who received an unsealed 6 pack of...
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    Optilube XPD vs OPTlube Summer +

    Yes, Opti-Lube was not/does not filter the fluids they mix. They picked up some black "stuff" from the bio-diesel they use in their products. They came out with a statement saying it was from the bottom of a few barrels of Bio and it was supposedly rectified. You can read more about it on...
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    Ford Cetane Boost

    I think the cetane boost is something that allows people to feel a smoother idle and get better fuel mileage. I do not know if it pays for itself in the long run, but...
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    Real-World comparison test: Optilube

    Someone has to keep Opti-Lube in business....... :D
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    Optilube XPD vs OPTlube Summer +

    :confused: What, you cannot believe everything on the internet???? :confused:
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    Optilube XPD vs OPTlube Summer +

    I posted the link just above your post bud.......... :confused:
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    Optilube XPD vs OPTlube Summer +

    I would not run any more than 2 oz per tank. Call steve at O-L and ask him. He will have to tell you. When the "contaminants" were found, O-L admitted they changed their formula and now added Bio and another lubricant. I believe it was come contaminants from the Bio that caused the issue...
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    Optilube XPD vs OPTlube Summer +

    Do you have a DPF? If so, over kill. I would drop that in half. O-L has changed their formula to make it cheaper to produce. On other truck forums, many are seeing increased regenerations and lower mpg's. While O-L has put out independent testing that the product performs better, it...
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    Opti-Lube Single Clean

    Another simply amazing product form our testimonial brothers at Opti-Lube. ;) I am sure it will clean your car's fuel system and magically clean the carpets also after one tank. Dirt will fly off the pain and dents and rust will disappear. All for 12 bucks, plus shipping. :)
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    Metal in fuel filter

    I used Opti-Lube XPD and XL for the life of my 2012 Passat and I had metal flakes at each filter change. I do not view this as a fuel lubrication issue, I think it is a initial pump break in issue and the flakes take time to move through the system.
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    Opti-Lube Single Clean

    So in one single bottle they guaranty it will clean your fuel system. Come on. What will the cleaner do to your HPFP. At what cost might it clean items. Then, will it plug up your filter if your fuel tank has any settlement in it. This is just more poor choices made by our greatest...
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    Best oil for 350hp+ TDI? Help

    Might some of the issue be fuel getting into the oil. If it is that thin, you might be way over fueling.
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    Optilube for 2009+ TDI Engines

    You do know that Opti-Lube changed their formula about 7 months ago when they put out XL and the other testing right? So the old formula might have been great, but what about the new one?
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    Effects of too much additive?

    How did I do? Did I pretend OK? :D