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    Miles Before DSG Clutch Replacement - Estimate or Actual

    You must be looking for a fight with those type of inflammatory comments, which were so not called for... Many people coast in neutral for a number of reasons. Brakes ARE cheaper than clutches, which was his point.
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    Have you ever cracked your MK6 TDI oil pan (and are skid plates worth it on these cars)?

    Bought this from Kerma TDI... it's the Osiris one made in Canada.. took FOREVER to get here... Postal Service was apparently back-logged with delivery ballots and/or Christmas stuff. It's currently on sale... saves you about $30usd, but that covered their shipping charge. EvolutionImport...
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    EGR Plate Location

    Can't seem to find (after only a few minutes of looking) for a video on how to do this. Seems a bit more involved than my old ALH.
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    WTB: Golf MK6 TDi Skid Plate ***No Longer Looking***

    It's there... here's the link... it's under "Body"... EvolutionImport Evolution Osiris Skid Plate For Jetta V & VI, Golf VI, Rabbit, GTI and R32 (
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    I thought Matt W was working on a swap of his 335d... I might be mistaken.
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    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    I believe they offered it in the 330d...
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    Adding a second Turbo?

    11mm is much better choice than 10mm, any day of the week, especially, if you're swapping out the 01m for an 02m... as it already has the 11mm with the auto. compounds are not needed. fun, but not needed. lots of fab work required.
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    EGR Plate Location

    I'm trying to figure out where the little 90deg pex brass elbow goes... I need to get back under there, again.
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    Adding a second Turbo?

    GTB1756vk, Race 520's, PD lift pump, Malone custom tune, big down pipe, head studs 02M, 11mm pump, bigger SMIC, don't go compound... no need.
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    Miss my GTB1756vk on my ALH. :cry:
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    What did you do to your MkVI-A6 today?

    Installed OEM mudplaps all the way around, installed the Frost Heater, ordered the OEM left lower grille with the plug insert hole, the wall socket-to-plug cord from some dude in MO, the complete heater kit from some other dude in Lithuania (in order to get the heater-to-grille <inside the car...
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    WTB: Golf MK6 TDi Skid Plate ***No Longer Looking***

    Good luck. I ordered mine from Kerma around Thanksgiving, and it's still on its way from British Columbia. It was on sale, so basically, it was like getting free shipping. Ordered it to fit my new-to-me '14 Golf TDI with the DSG.
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    Comment by 'InfoSec' in media '67A07A7C-C6B3-4282-864C-A7F063BAE36E.jpeg'

    Nice car. I had a VERY similar '03 and did the '02M swap. I am thinking about this for my daughter.
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    Malone Tuning Stage 4 Review

    I have had Malone's tunes on my '03 built Jetta ALH, both of my 335D's (2.9), and my ML350 Bluetec (OM642) and have never had any issues with them. No communication errors, no flashzilla (v2 and v3) errors, no tuning issues, etc. I'm very happy with them and I just bought a '14 Golf and I just...