Guns n' Ammo (not the magazine; the real stuff), grilling, playing devil's advocate, & Clean Living
Brighton, MI
Accounting Information Systems Security and Risk Management
'82 Rabbit LS Diesel (crushed by an Olds '98, 41K miles), '00 Jetta GL TDI (sold, 45K miles), '03 Jetta GLS TDI (sold, 255K miles), 335d (sold, 56K miles), currently '03 Jetta GLS TDI 96K miles and counting...(waiting on a 6-speed swap)
Fuel Economy
Current '03 Jetta GLS TDI 02M, Whitbread downpipe, IC piping, Race 520's, VNT1756, Upgraded SMIC, EGR Delete, Muffler and CAT-ectomy (shh!), Malone Stage 5 custom, lift pump, and other doo-dads.


The Master of InfoSec - Current '03 Jetta GLS TDI: 02M, Wavetrac LSD, Whitbread downpipe and custom IC piping, Race 520's, VNT1756vk, upgraded SMIC, EGR Delete (obviously), Buzzken 2.5" cat-back w/ turndown, Malone Stage 5 custom, PDlift pump, ARP Head Studs, Phase II: head work, bigger turbo, hotter cam, better pistons/rods, new least the front ones.


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