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    FS: 2015 GSW SEL 6MT - $22,000 - Portland, OR
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    Advice Appreciated: 2006 TDI, New Hampshire

    If you love the car and want to keep it, get the work done and drive on. Keep in mind the car probably needs work that you've not identified (front springs or suspension components, perhaps a camshaft, for example). Rust repair is expensive, and the rust you see is always less than what's...
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    2012 Touareg TDI for Sale

    Link requires an account.
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    Malone or Kermit?

    Your car does need DEF. If you run out you'll get a warning and a miles count down to a point where it won't re-start after you shut it off. It isn't essential to running the engine, except that the programming will prevent it from running. VW was a bit of a pioneer when it comes to meeting...
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    Malone or Kermit?

    I don't think tunes in general net big FE improvements. If you delete the emissions on a newer diesel it does, but not on the older ones. And if you leave emissions intact in a CR TDI you're not going to see much of a bump. The stock tunes, even post-fix, are pretty good, especially for the cars...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    Last tank my GSW go 47.1. First tank with 15" wheels and new Nokian Entyres. Mostly highway, but a fair amount of it at 80 MPH. I'm pleased.
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    Malone or Kermit?

    The fix on the '15s is a pretty minor change. I don't think you'd see a significant improvement in FE. And you could use what remains of your emissions warranty. I'd leave it alone, at least for now.
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    Malone or Kermit?

    You can't delete emissions in MA and pass state inspection. There are a couple of tuners that say the car will show emissions readiness after a delete, but the emissions stations are getting more sophisticated about checking, and I'm not sure it's worth the risk. Once the car is 15 years old MA...
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    For Sale: 2015 GSW TDI SEL 6MT with LP and DAP 145K, $16K OBO

    I had to smile at this part of your post, since it appears you drive a diesel wagon with a manual transmission. The point of posting a vehicle like this for sale on an enthusiast site is to attract people who aren't part of the greater buying public, who are specifically looking for this type of...
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    Gas run in tdi

    Sounds like it's going into limp mode. May not be related to the misfueling. I'd get someone to diagnose the power loss more thoroughly.
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    Chime In: Kerma Springs? Bilstein TC struts? OE? Advice needed for grandpa driver

    RSB makes a huge difference. I had a Shine bar in my Wagon from 2004 until about a year ago, when it finally broke. Turn in is way better with the bar, less body roll, car rotates much easier. However, it can be a handful in slippery conditions if it's a stiff bar. I've spun my car more than...
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    Calling all raised wagons - cv axle question
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    Calling all raised wagons - cv axle question

    Not a Wagon, but my son's golf is pretty tall with its Metalnerd 2" lift. OE axles, no failures of axles or boots in the last 220K miles since he bought it.
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