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    AC compressor

    lol ^ one flaw, the rest of his car would be mk4 parts.
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    1z acts up below 1800rpm

    what you say isnt true to any/or much extent. using purge in the tank, a full bottle to a full tank is good maintenance. it works good. to bottle feed (some how mongler comes up with a 'closed loop' term, & you repeated) is a concentrated shot. can do quite a cleaning to pump to injectors...
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    MAF Air sensor, actual is higher than specified ?

    if the maf code comes up i wouldnt take the 'block' or 'group' readings you have there. if the code is reading(as an error), the sensor isnt giving a correct reading, like in vag-com 'blocks'. or to ecm. is CEL light on? heres what i do. with key off. unplug the MAF connector. its right on the...
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    NON OEM crank sproket

    threads get well oiled, and shoulder of stretch main bolt. its light oiling, do not use anti-seize. its light oil, hence lightly oil bolt, threads etc, with light oil. 0w-xx or a 5w-xx syn (high grade) works out real good. to let wyopel know, i had seen VW gears for $100, and some places for...
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    Engine shut off while driving...possible 109 relay?

    i think the 'T' either seals ok or doesnt. either you get it to seat right or you have problems, or its broke. you have to be careful with this 'T' its expensive to replace. mine i had to tap down. use fuel or additive to lube filter seal and easily try to seat. if you have to tap down, like i...
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    AHU/1Z throttle "dead spot" on startup, instantly goes away.

    i was under the impression your wire fix had fixed this 'dead pedal' issue. check your codes w/VCDS. its possible a bad sensor or contact. clean up contacts, and hook back up. (maf sensor, n75 contact, intake temp contact. &etc.). check vac lines, perhaps replace? a 'dead pedal' issue can mean...
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    Engine shut off while driving...possible 109 relay?

    if i think about it. i think the injector over-flow/return lines can let air into the inlet of system. id put all new return lines and an end-cap, up to pump, and replace return line from pump to filter('T'), check 'T', and line from filter to return plastic line. goes back to tank.
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    Engine shut off while driving...possible 109 relay?

    air in the fuel line can be from any connection and/or hose, including such as the old filter, letting air in. check all connections. return 'T' can be bad. i ve had an old filter that let air in. it takes some time of running for the air to purge. it can also be the pump. esp the main seal...
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    Engine shut off while driving...possible 109 relay?

    one of the only other things i can come up with is, check the clear line for air? on VCDS there are 'blocks', 'groups', where you can check out different areas of engine, IQ for instance. the one CEL code could have been up for so long, EGR clogged the intake over time?? one intake i pulled...
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    Engine shut off while driving...possible 109 relay?

    a clogged/ unmaintenanced fuel filter is a good bet. a few people have had this problem. new quality filter, prime first. change the air filter as well, if you havent done one the other needs it!, while your at it, clean the air-box. PP has china brand 109 relays, ~$10 i guess. they work, for...
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    intermediate shaft seal tore

    if you have the im shaft pulley removed, the carrier is underneath. its right there now. the seal carrier. you seem to have removed it. i think now the shaft can come out some, what im asking is im not 100% sure if the shaft has the same end-play lip as earlier models. i think it does, or is...
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    mk3 anti-tamper tools(for pump)

    i have a mk3 (AHU). the injector pump has at least 2 anti-tamper tools that are needed. im looking for both if possible. the one for the pumps (front of car) the plastic quantity adjuster cover i need the most. the other (anti-tamper) screw is of course on the top cover.
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    Glow Plug wiring help.

    total amount for this project is ~$23. very reasonable. i didnt buy separate shrink wrap/tube. its more expensive. i bought a lot of stuff that was a close fit, i went back to the store like 3x, so i have extras of similar stuff. probably wont use too much of that stuff, they are in the $3-$6...
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    Glow Plug wiring help.

    after a few trips to the auto store for these parts. i used female snap, slide-on type connectors. wire, of course, a couple of large ga butt connectors, (shrinkable), a couple of male, and 2 covered female connectors. took some along with the extra store trips to get together, seems to work...
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    Glow Plug wiring help.

    i got some good butt connectors and other stuff to do this. i was hesitant to use crimp connectors to do this. the wire nuts give a lot of connection, crimp-ons can be iffy. again thanks.