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    Only 42mpg loaded down, really?

    I don't lose highway fuel economy with my road bike on a trunk-mounted rack. I lower the rack angle as much as possible, remove the front tire from the bike, and secure the handles in line with the airflow. It tucks in behind the car tightly and doesn't flop around like a sail.
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    OT: Looking to move, maybe to NC. Seeking input.

    Much like "hold my beer and watch this" is a cue to hit the emergency dialer... if you can stop laughing. The toboggan thing bugs my wife. Especially when it's pronounced "TOE-bahgen" instead of "tuh-bahgen". Those are snow sleds where she's from. We just used table tops and sheet metal when...
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    SC - TDI GTG - 5th Annual Midlands Biofuels - May 9th 2015

    If someone coming from Atlanta could stop at Henderson's along the way and pick up some slaw... lord have mercy. :D
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    OT: Looking to move, maybe to NC. Seeking input.

    Murphy, NC may offer what you're searching for as an option to Asheville. My mom lived there the last 10 years of her life and really enjoyed it after 50 years in Atlanta.
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    Scangauge accuracy/calibration issue

    This is my experience. I had mine calibrated to 0.1 gal accuracy against actual usage for over a year. Then my driving conditions changed from a consistent route to inconsistent routes. Hasn't been "accurate" or even "consistently inaccurate" since the change in driving.
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    Feb or March GTG in Ga.

    I'll be working rather than attending. Enjoy.
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    Feb or March GTG in Ga.

    I will attend if my work schedule permits.
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    GTG in Western SC or NC soon?

    Perhaps this owner will be able to attend the GTG.
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    World Famous Midlands BioFuels GTG - July 12th, 2014

    "Biodiesel $3k per gallon on the b100" :D Sadly, I won't make this year's gathering.
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    GTG Chapin, SC January 25, 2014

    On my calendar. Up to my work schedule to cooperate now.
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    Easy Lubro Moly Diesel Purge How-To - with pics!!

    I did, but I simply waited until the end of an OCI before performing the purge.
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    Repairs at Richard's

    Correct! The car really sticks to the road and tracks straight. The ride is smooth. The steering is responsive. All and all, I am happy with the suspension upgrade and new clutch. I'm tempted to drive up to the mountains after leaf season and have some fun after driving on the rolling roads...
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    Repairs at Richard's

    Thanks to Richard, my 172k mile Jetta is driving better than ever. New shocks and struts, lower control arm bushings, sway bar bushings, ball joints, and tie rod ends. New rear main seal and single mass flywheel clutch. Clean fluids and filters. I appreciate the 2 days I spent at his place...
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    Competent Techs in Augusta GA

    Contact Richard55. He's 90 minutes west of you.
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    I slept last night

    Congrats. The day I no longer am required to work at night will be a happy one as well.