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    CEL Light On!

    I'll bet you got a bad glow plug. A vag-com would confirm. Keep me updated on how you get this resolved. My dealer said, never seen that before. He also couldn't find replacement plugs. He also broke one (a still good one). I bought them from a different dealer and installed them and...
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    Smelly Heat (Antifreeze smell)

    My dealer is replacing my heater. Still not done. It is now two weeks. He said that the steering column 'didn't go back in correctly' and that he had to order a new one!
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    ECU reflash??????

    As far as I can tell, the reflash is an urban legend. Kinda like starting the glow plugs with the door handle! Mine is in the shop now, and the dealer gives me dumb looks and blank stares when I asked him.
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    ProVent 200

    Does anyone take Pat Goss seriously??
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    Smelly Heat (Antifreeze smell)

    Take it in, and have the dealer replace the heater. Be prepared for a wait. Mine is in 4 days (and counting) for a leaking heater. The dealer didn't argue at all, he said yup it leaks. The car sucks, bad glow plugs, leaky heater, stumbles. 3 of the 4 known problems that VW won't admit to.
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    It's FINALLY here / ECM Flash

    It\'s FINALLY here / ECM Flash Can you get someone in your area check the workshop codes with VAG-COM? Looks like mine have been changed (indicating a possible upgrade). Also, if your car doesn't stumble, I would love to get the other login information on the VAG-COM screen. There may be...
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    new Passat sometimes stumbles at partial throttle

    Is there anyway you could hook a VAG-COM and read the workshop codes on the ECU? Mine stumbles, and misfires, and now has a CEL. Looks like my workshop code has been changed from the other controllers.
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    Glow Plugs

    Strange, I got exactly the same message today. The car is about 3 weeks old. I came home and hooked up my VAG-COM and found error message. Cylinder #2 glow plug fault. Took me 30 seconds. Does you car also have other driveability problems. My car delays on launch and also misfires at light...
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    JD Powers Survey to all of us with new passat TDI

    Yup. Doesn't fix the delay on launch or the misfire. It's not the fuel.
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    new Passat sometimes stumbles at partial throttle

    The car has two problems. Lag when launching the vehicle from a start and the misfire at light throttle. I sent an email to VWOA and followed with a phone call. They are acting stupid. The rep said 'never heard that problem before'. We (tdi club fans) need to acuratly describe the problem...
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    TDIHeater in development stage...

    Put me down for one also. Got one in the Jetta, gotta have one in the Passat. I think the Passat warms up quicker, but I still want one.
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    I got one. And it doesn't fit in the CD changer spot. What we need is a right angle connector on the changer and the Jetta mounting brackets. I am a EE type and have searched for the right angle connector. I have not found one as of yet, but I'm not giving up. I'll keep you all posted on my...
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    New here, after first week with new Passat GLS

    I'll check on re-programming the locks with my VAG-COM tool tonight. Other posts say it is possible.
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    new Passat sometimes stumbles at partial throttle

    I think it is better described by a misfire. Mine does not follow a downshift. Light throttle in any gear, manual shift mode or in drive. Can't get it to misfire with cruise control on.
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    New here, after first week with new Passat GLS

    I got mine about 2 weeks ago. I love the car except for the drivability. Two things. Long lag launching the vehicle from a stop. With moderate throttle, OK. With lots of throttle, 1-3 second lag and then it takes off. The second problem is the slight misfire at light throttle. This...