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    Exhaust fix

    Sounds like this is something that should be covered under the extended emissions warranty. I would at the very least ask your local dealer the question.
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    F/S full exhaust from 11 jsw tdi $1200 obo

    Sorry, taken this poor guys thread off topic. Link below
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    F/S full exhaust from 11 jsw tdi $1200 obo

    Same guy that bought the Cat. The dfp was worth about $200usd. CAT was like $990
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    F/S full exhaust from 11 jsw tdi $1200 obo

    Just an FYI for you, I scrapped my cat and DPF from my '09 Jetta and got $1200
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    5HP19FL GMR

    There was a really good instructional video on one of the BMW websites, I think E46 Fanatics. this Australian guy did a full tear down of a 5hp19 transmission. Essentially the same unit as in our Passats just with a rear wheel drive output instead of the differential build right into it. I...
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    '09 Jetta Wagon TPMS location?

    Wondering if someone knows that location of the TPMS control box on a '09 Jetta Wagon? I've ticked every box to turn it off with the VCDS but it does not give up. I was just going to unplug it.
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    WTB: DPF filter for 12-14 Passat

    I have one from a '09 Jetta, not sure if it is the same. Ontario Canada
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    New TC and just got P0741

    Maybe you can get away with just a valve body rebuild? rollin' the dice My new TC blew a seal in the valve body after about 2000kms. It's a little strange the you are getting the 0741 code though.
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    Official Ontario stuff for sale thread

    FS - CBEA ECU ECU from a 2009 Jetta, did not have the emissions fix done on it. Not exactly sure what that changes in the coding. Can include complete wiring harness. $100obo
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    Replacing the camshaft

    I'm also heading down this road. Any opinions on the Aimco camshaft kits on Ebay? Not too crazy about the idea of dropping another $800 on this car.
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    BS failing, maybe?

    I've developed a pretty bad oil leak since doing the BSM delete. After lots of searching I think the source of it is from between the camshaft and the tandem pump. Was a slow leak before but now with the increased oil pressure it is really flown'. I was reading something about a metal crush...
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    Looking for a turbo

    I can get my hands on one off a bhw. Relatively recent rebuild on the engine. I believe it's interchangeable with the bew. Where abouts are you?
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    '09 Jetta TDI to B6 Passat

    I know people have done this. Seems to me like it should be a plug and play kind of swap. With a full donor car this is dead easy, right? Jetta getting a bit too rusty. :(
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    Windshield cowl part 3B1819415EB41 discontinued?

    Shouldn't be too hard to find at your local scrapyard.