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    2003 jetta wagon value

    It'll depend a lot on how quickly you need to sell the car. I own a 2003 5 spd wagon and I can tell you right now there's no way I'd pay $6-8K for one right now. Realistically, the buyer-market for these cars is dwindling. For the average car buyer, this is a 12 year old used car. Even...
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    Project Phoenix: The Wagon Rising.

    Awesome work! I'm also a PA resident and I agree with your plan to use the parts from the gold wagon to refurb the TDI. While mechanically, swapping the engine into the gold wagon may be easier, the way registrations and inspections work in PA, it would be a royal PITA to get a TDI-swapped...
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    GTD in 2015?

    To heck with the GTD. I want VW to bring over THIS! :p Bearing in mind, I was all set to trade in my TDI for an Aptera before they went belly-up... :rolleyes:
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    700 Mile club Who's in?

    My car has been pulling 700+ mile tanks with some regularity over the past few months, which is a bit surprising given it has over 300K miles and a wonky turbo. The light came on at 645 today. Whether I hit 700 will depend on where I fill up after work. I have the GT6 and the Mini if I want...
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    sharing responsibility for broken timing belt?

    I tend to agree. I was on this site learning as much about TDI's as I could before I even ordered my car.
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    Mk4 Jetta wagon 2" hitch receiver

    While I know you seem quite confident in what you've put together, I look at it from an engineering POV and it scares the piss out of me. Sorry. :( I can't imagine any professional welding shop accepting the potential liability of putting something like this together. Maybe if you paid them in...
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    Mk4 Jetta wagon 2" hitch receiver

    Ah... I did not know that. Strange... it doesn't look that much different... but I guess if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit... LMJ - can you post a pic of them side-by-side? This is of interest to me because one of the main reasons I want a hitch for my car is for a receiver-mounted bike rack...
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    Mk4 Jetta wagon 2" hitch receiver

    Ca ca... I was wondering about that. The connection doesn't look anything like the one on the idparts website.
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    Front bearing tools which one works the best

    I have the OTC kit but the part that makes it different than the HF kit - the C-shaped assembly that allows you to press the hub out of the spindle vs. using a slap-hammer as often described - only seems to work sometimes. The first time I replaced the bearings, I know I used it and it worked...
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    Suspention for Autocross

    Yeah, I know pyce and others vacated, but "assumed" much of what they posted was still on the site... somewhere...
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    Suspention for Autocross

    Custom coil-overs from Ground Control. It's not something you'll find on their site. You'll have to call and talk to them. One of the guys in my region ran a GTI in D-Street Prepared with GC coilovers with custom rates, no lowering F & R bars and 18" wheels running 285/30 Front and 245/40...
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    Jetta wagon owners: Did you end up with first color choice?

    I ordered my car, so yes - I got the color I wanted, although I occasionally wish I'd chosen black. Especially now that I'm looking for replacement body parts (L fender, L mirror & grill) and Indigo Blue has proven difficult to find.
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    Have you ever seen this color on a TDI wagon before?

    Actually, a Golf nose on a Jetta wagon was sold in Europe: Golf Variant. Why? Beats the crap out of me. I'm guessing the Golf and Bora have different trim levels in Europe. I mainly know this because I've seen a number of Golf Variant Minichamps die-casts, but the Bora version is little less...
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    Clutch upgrade / Budget

    I bought the "quiet clutch kit" from idparts. Haven't installed it yet, so hoping for the best. My flywheel and/or throw-out bearing rattle quite a bit, but the clutch still holds well. We...
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    Purchasing Question in NJ...

    Same here: live in PA, but work in NJ and usually fill up there. I generally only fill up at a few stations that sell a lot of diesel to commercial customers, so it doesn't sit in the tank for long. I've been using Diesel Kleen for that past few years. Hard to say for sure if it does anything...