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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Somebody in the clasified ads are looking for some of those if your looking to sell or want to help some one out. hears the link
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    WTB 3 BBS RC 336 Center Caps

    Sorry to say ive only seen them for sale very sporaticly and always over $100 each and up to $150 each in nice condition
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    Fuel eco compared to ALH?

    I have an ALH and a 06 BRM there’s pluses for bolth My ALH is a 5spd and I have averaged 48-49 mpg over a few years of normal driving if I drive it with fuel mileage in mind I can get 55 mpg in the summer. It is very simple engine so working on it is very easy My BRM is a DSG so mileage ave...
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    Got her running

    I have a full manual swap in Mid Michigan. Let me know if your interested
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    Just Bought Used TDI that was low on oil. Need some advice about getting motor flushed and as clean as possible.

    When you get to the A/C problem keep in mind that the valve in the compressor is the part that goes bad most of the time. The valve is replaceable with the compressor in the car and cost a lot less then a new compressor. Do a search on a/c issues and you will find a lot of posts. Make sure your...
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    Crap! My VW dealer put BG engine cleaner/crankcase, BG oil conditioner and BG fuel cleaner in my 100k 2006 jetta tdi!

    I would not worry at all. I was a Audi/VW tech at a dealership for years. When Audi was having a big problem with engine sludge in the 1.8T motors. Audi had BG come up with an oil treatment and filter system to run in the motors for 30 min to clean out the engine sludge and it worked extremely...
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    ALH valve protrusion tolerance

    What head gasket did the motor orig have a 3 hole or a 2 hole ? If it came from the factory with a 3 hole I would use a 3 hole evan if your protrusion measurements fall in the 2 hole range. The diffrence between the two can be why your hitting valves
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    Died while driving down interstate now cannot start

    When was the last time the timing belt was done? Check the belt it doesn’t break it usually shears off teeth off so look for missing teeth.
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    Is My 2003 Jetta Wagen Worth Anything?

    PM sent with questions
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    Broken idler?

    just replaced mine it melted and broke my belt. It was caused by a bad alt pulley that started to come apart ad seperate causing the belt to be misalighned. So mine was done in by the alt pulley. make sure you check yours as they look fine but freeze up casing issues. I got lucky it happend...
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    Moving entire shifting mechanism from one car to another?

    You should be able to swap the whole shifter tower from the parts car pretty easy. You would probably ruin the bushing if you try to swap just it from the parts car.
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    5th gear removal tips?

    Use a good heat gun and get it to about 200 deg. Also you can use a 3 jaw puller but you have to modify it and be very careful so you don’t chip the teeth. I’ve done it both ways and using the heat gun was the best way I’ve found. This is with out saying but make sure you removed the bolt in...
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    Moving entire shifting mechanism from one car to another?

    I would check the bushingin the shift tower on the trans. My shifter wouldn’t spring back to the middle also and I changed the bushing and the problem was resolved. Here’s what I used:
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    My pass side exterior mirror turned grey for some reason so I swapped out the exterior mirrors to the shorty euro versions I have had for awhile off the euro GTI that I parted awhile back. Going to do a compression check tomorrow (just to have a base line) and run a can of diesel purge through...
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    WTB manual swap parts Michigan

    I’ll contact you tomorrow evening