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    Headlight compatability

    Did you happen to notice if any were MK4 TDI, with BEW?
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    comfort windows

    I have two MK4's I would like to have this done for... anybody in the western GTA willing to step up and offer? I was able to do this myself on a 2014 GSW and 2015 Passat using my HEX-CAN VAG-COM and VCDS, but this procedure doesn't work on a MK4.
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    Headlight compatability

    Does Nicklin allow you into the yard to pick'n-pull your own stuff? I haven't been there in almost 40 years!
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    comfort windows

    You asked.. IMHO at a price of $40, this is a business venture and you should be registered as a vendor in order to advertise. On the other hand, asking forum members for $10 or $20 to compensate you for your time and inconvenience would seem more appropriate. Not sure how many nibbles you...
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    Tuning questions 2015 TDI

    I'm considering the DSG tune for a 2015 Passat TDI, and would love to have you elaborate on the improvemts you are experiencing with the DSG tune.
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    VCDS scan Required, 2006 BRM

    I am in Orangeville if that is more convenient... available most anytime today, or evenings this week.
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    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Freshening up a 2004 Mk4 Jetta with BEW for my daughter.... 415K kms, needs a little TLC. My trusted VW/Audi specialist completed a safety inspection recently, and replaced the RF wheel bearing. I saved all the fun jobs for myself! Over the last couple of weeks I have; -replaced the...
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    Oil and filters, do you keep stock on hand?

    When I place online orders for repair parts I usually add enough oil/air/fuel/cabin filters to the order to qualify for free shipping. With 4 TDI's in the family (a pair of Mk4 BEWs) it is handy to have at least one spare set of filters on hand. For the MK4's I also buy at least a...
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    Let's play "Name That Part!"

    As a clue... what was the mechanic trying to not fix?
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    03 Wagon won't shift into reverse

    I experienced almost exactly the same failure.... shifting very stiff and unpredictably stubborn. Inspection suggested that the "ballsleeve" bushing in the shifter tower had way too much slop. Removed the tower to find that the tiny ball bearings in the 'ballsleeve" were all gone, and the...
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    Buying a fixed 2014 Golf Wagon TDI

    Ironically, aren't "Imperial Units" a standard originally established by the British? Didn't you yanks fight a War of Independence once upon a time? :D .. signed, a neighbourly Canadian!
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    What are my options if I need a new transmission?

    Thanks.. in my case, I have the housing assembly off, but the tower is still in the gearbox. I am tempted just to replace the bearing in the housing assembly , clean up the tower as much as possible and reassemble. Not fully aware of what I might be getting into, I am a bit reluctant to...
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    What are my options if I need a new transmission?

    Curious to know what parts were replaced... did it include the whole shifter rod and receiver that is visible when the top cover of the shifter tower is removed? I have mine opened up at the moment, hoping that I can get away with just replacing the collar/bushng inserted into the cover, and...
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    03 Wagon won't shift into reverse

    Can anyone advise whether any particular lube (other than gear oil) is recommended when reassembling a shifter tower? I am in a similar predicament with a completely trashed collar/sleeve bearing in the shifter tower. I have remomoved the shifter linkages, and the tower housing to replace the...
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    Could a Flashzilla, flash a pre-fix tune back?

    Feels like some confusion here.... If you buy a Flashzilla, and use it as intended, you capture the existing ECU file, and store it as the stock tune. This file can be modified by your tuner, and uploaded to the ECU. If you want to revert back to the original, you can do so at any time by...