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    FS: 2001 Beetle TDI in Charleston, SC

    SOLD! 2001 VW Beetle TDI I bought the car 6 years ago with a blown differential and it has never broken down on me since. I taught the wife to drive a manual transmission with this. The super torquey Diesel makes driving stick super easy. She learned it so quick and loved it so much, she...
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    FS: PD lift pump BRAND NEW - Pierburg model!!!

    BRAND NEW - NEVER USED. Comes with my install kit. This is the superior Pierburg model of the PD lift pumps. It won't run your fuel pump dry if the motor stops like the Valeo most vendors sell. There is no need for any silly mods. I bought this as a gift for my brother last Christmas. He...
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    How to make a pop-off engine cover for AHU/1Z....FINALLY!

    I have been trying to post this for months but the TDI photos links were not working. I found a way to make a pop-off engine cover for the 1Z/AHU. Using smaller balls and sockets from some Audi or VW and installing standoffs for electrical panels to raise them to the correct height. I...
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    MK3 GTI TDI swap in Myrtle Beach for sale

    It is not mine but $4500 could be a good deal depending on what it looks like under the hood. Throw another $15k into it and your good! :eek:
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    How injector flow quantity is adjusted and pilot injection delete

    This was the only thread I found about staged flow settings that certain vendors are selling. So what changes are these flow settings? Since they make no changes to the nozzles and they can not...
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    1996 Passat Wagon B4V needs body shop work

    Wagon was in an accident. The battery was pushed back and broke the shift tower. I installed a new shift tower and the car starts and runs on its own power. The left engine rail is bent and this can be fixed on a frame machine at a body shop in less than 4 hours. I recommend buying a...
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    VW coolant compatible with copper?

    I am looking to custom form some hose bends. Is the stock coolant compatible with copper? I can't recall any in the TDI engine coolant system or why every car company wants their own special coolant.
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    Need purchase advice on A3 with a dead CBEA engine

    What's to say about the list of faults below for a 2010 Audi A3 CBEA engine? It has no oil pressure so engine is dead based on the noise it makes. Why is there no fault light for the lack of oil pressure? Work of swindlers? What would be the benefits of swapping to a CJAA engine? Is...
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    Potential engine fire and Relay 109 circuit: Poor VW design

    So all the engine sensors that are powered by the relay 109 are unfused. If you get a short then there is going to be enough amperage to burn away all the insulation on the wire as well as melt relay 109 solder connections, the fuse block, and G1 connector. This can of course lead to fire. So...
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    ABS failure: Pump runs ALL THE TIME

    I mean it. The pump runs non stop with the engine off and the key out of the ignition. The last owner of this 2001 Beetle fixed this by pulling the 3rd 30A fuse above the battery. The car gives the same code with the fuse pulled or not. Strange! Address 03: ABS Brakes...
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    FS: Fuel pump bracket, tin, and pulley for AHU & 1Z - South Carolina

    These are the parts you need for an 11mm pump upgrade or to convert to an ALH pump. You can also use these for repair or replacement of the regular parts. These have not been converted to the 68 mm hole but you can use them as spares to get machined as you keep your car on the road. The...
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    FS: MK4 ALH Steel Fuel Injection Lines - South Caroling

    I have a set of fuel lines that go from the injectors to the fuel pump. Asking $70 shipped or best offer.
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    Corrado TDI project in Asheville for sale Not mine of course. Add another $8k and you might get a decent car.
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    FS: 02J Transmission Manual 5 Speed EGR code - South Carolina

    SOLD! $700 obo Transmission code EGR. Some call this the most desirable. Manual trans from a 2003 VW Jetta TDI. Fits all MK4. I will get some pictures up this weekend. Located in Charleston, South Carolina. I can deliver to Charlotte or the TDI club meet in Jacksonville, FL. SOLD!
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    FS: ALH and AHU/1Z steel injector line sets - $100 in SC

    I have 2 sets of lines from ALH engines and 1 set for the AHU and 1Z style engines. $100 a set or make an offer. This is a photo of one of those sets.