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    WTB alh vnt 17 turbo or bigger

    Following.... I need an exhaust manifold for a 17
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    Coolant Hard Line Behind T-stat Housing, ?'s

    Lots of good info there guys! Thank you. I am wondering though, what holds that hard pipe I. The block. Is there some kind of retain clip or is there hold down bolt behind the accessories bracket?
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Yes Dan's checklist is an AWESOME resource! Still using it!! update: I traced power to the fan control and good there. I decided to just jump the thermoswitch and let the fans run. I started the engine and turned on the AC and everything worked!! Possibly a bad thermoswitch. more research...
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    Check your radiator/condenser fan operation NOW

    Hello all, Here is my scenario... 2000 Jetta TDI.AC temps went warm. Checked fan operation and nothing. AC clutch not engaging. I was hoping for low pressure. Hooked up the blue hose and can to top off and the low pressure side was in the red. Sorry I don’t have actual pressures. I checked all...
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    2000 ALH waterline leak at thermostat housing

    Well I did find a hardline ($110) and I’m afraid it has spring clamps on a rubber hose ate the end of the hard line. This should be a real bear to change out.
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    2000 ALH waterline leak at thermostat housing

    Hello, The injection pump had a seal leak and then a plug leak and it must have destroyed the rubber line behind the accessory bracket. does anyone know if that is an o ring press on line or something different. I’m not even sure if IDParts had that in inventory. Starting my research now thanks...
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    there is an almost complete 2005 JSW at pull a part charlotte. I could maybe pull the taillights for you. I last saw it on 12-28-20....
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    FS: 1998 Jetta AHU Part out

    maybe interested in Trans? O2A CTN?
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    Comparing pros & cons Lead batteries vs AGM

    I just bought a standard lead acid battery. I talked to the franchise owner at batteries plus bulbs for a while. good info. take it for what its worth. The AGM batteries are better lead and will take drain downs better. New cars with all the electronics that don't get driven very far or...
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    AHU TDI Corrado Air Conditioning

    Hello All, I am in the process of building lines and mounting the drier. I have rebuilt the MVAC box with new evaporator and blend doors. I will add new expansion valve when ready. The 98 AHU compressor lines don't exactly fit my build. I have an Eco Jetta airbox and my fuel filter that...
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    MkIV steering rack replacement

    Well after 252,000 miles, the rack on my jetta is leaking. I have been hearing the lower control bushings for awhile. Wonder if that had any cause to the rack. I order the TT bushings and a rack from Detroit Axle..... Now the fun part is beginning
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    96 B4V TDI Part Out

    96 part out Hello, I am working on a 98 AHU. Not sure if these years match up. I may need the HVAC box. Do not need evap or core. Just the box for my evap and core. Can you PM me with price? To 28078 Thank you
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    AHU exhaust: 2.5" or 3"

    Well, I'll go with 2.5". Hope that will work. Thanks ya'll Appreciate it!
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    AHU Corrado exhaust: 2.5" or 3"??????

    Thanks brick I think I will run 2.5". Appreciate the reply. Hope it's not too loud
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    AHU Corrado exhaust: 2.5" or 3"??????

    Hello all, Wanted to maybe get some input from everyone on this. I am building a TDI Corrado. 98 AHU engine. I am not going for a hypermileage car or SCCA racer but a little doesn't hurt...a good daily driver for a mid forties old guy! Currently it has a 130 hp BEW intake with EGR delete and 2"...