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    Newfoundland tdi'ers

    Howdy, i also moved temporarily from Ontario. I am in the Saint Antoine area. My mk4 brought me here. I wonder if anyone knows any good wrecker yards around Moncton that you can pick/pull/pluck/carry :)
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    2001 Golf TDI issues

    I would hook up vcds and take the car for a spin, log group 3 (maf) and group 11 (turbo boost). I would also pop off the intercooler rubber hose by the egr and look for anything that may be blocking the airflow.
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    04 bew golf whistling while decelerating.

    Leaky exhaust also enhances turbo whistle, such as a gasket leak between the dp and the turbo.
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    02 Jetta has boost, then doesnt

    A few things you can do/check... Scan with VCDS, do some turbo/maf logs to see how your car is behaving. Inspect all the vac/air lines for leaks. I had a similar issue like yours with an mk4 i picked up this past summer. Only started acting up in the cold weather. I scanned the car and no...
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    ALH EGR parts needed

    Good to hear you are back on the road. I picked up a car recently and that pipe was broken. I marked it and got it welded. Those pipes are way to pricey for what they are.
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    Immobilizer Delete,anyone local ?

    Wow, No tuners in Ontario available to do an immobilizer delete. It's just a bypass.....I'm actually going to start looking around too.
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    03 tdi fires but doesn't stay running.

    Holy smackers, nice find and fix.
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    Anyone have mk4 timing belt and clutch counter tools?

    I saw the diy that chitty did. I rotated while i was under there with the led light. I didn't see any gap. I changed the DMF flywheel to a solid Valeo kit. I'm thinking that might be why???. I will have another look maybe tonight or in the morning. Thanks steve6 : I didn't want to wedge...
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    Anyone have mk4 timing belt and clutch counter tools?

    TORQUE ALH CRANK BOLT with hockey pucks-works great Update for anyone that might encounter this type of job and don't have the tools or don't work on tdi's too frequently to invest on those expensive metal pieces to counterhold that high torque crank bolt. I got a tip online about using hockey...
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    Tony's B4 Project

    After all that work Tony, you should take a break in Hawaii.
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    Anyone have mk4 timing belt and clutch counter tools?

    I'm going to bump this thread, in the hopes that someone close to Scarborough might be able to lend me the crank locking tool to torque the bolt. I've tried to fabricate some holding tools, but they all failed. I don't have the proper equipment to do such a job. First stage torque was easy...
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    MK4 Timing belt could this have happened?

    Came to the ballgame late, but I agree. The internal spring on a brand new tensioner with only 40k snapped on me a while ago. I don't see your tensioner being soaked in oil either, maybe some mist here and there. I hope I never have to experience a pos part like that again. It all comes down to...
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    Trip Report- 4000 miles, 11 states, a Golf TDI, and a Scamp 13'

    Are you sure. I think that was the same scenery they used for Armstrong in 1969.....? Awesome thread!
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    VCDS timing check

    Usually that is a sign that the tbelt job was not done properly. Based on what i've seen before when it's not plotting on the graph and smoking on starts. The timing is retarded. I normally get the tools and check the mechanical timing to see what is off. The cam, crank, or pump. Then i will...
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    Who has boring mk4 wheels they want to sell?

    Ah, did a search and found that they are roughly 17 to 17.5 lbs. In case someone else in the future is looking.