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    1991 Volkswagen Jetta MK2 Coupe - ALH conversion

    The Jetta has the original gasoline tachometer. The Fast Forward "Digital to Analog" tachometer converter is all we used to make it work. Hasenwerk Digital to Analog Tachometer Converter Hasenwerk Digital to Analog...
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    ALH Gauges

    Tachometer Where did you get that information from? G28 (Crank Position Sensor) goes exclusively to the ECU and I would not splice anything into that! The ECU has a dedicated tachometer output. The Toyota tachometer is expecting an "analog" signal, so an adapter is needed to make the tachometer...
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    Tdi in a hiace van??

    As to your question on MAF and MAP. Yes, the MAF can be deleted, the MAP can not. There's a bunch of other items that can be deleted as well. If you are looking for someone to help with the wiring, sensors and software required to make this run smoothly in your Hiace give me a shout at...
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    CBAA CJAA how to deal with no Power Steering Pump?

    Anyhow have any cool solutions for the CBAA / CJAA blocks that do not have a hydraulic pump for power steering?
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    Jeep xj Tdi alh swap how to get tach signal

    The ALH ECU has a tachometer output. Pin 27. Standard 2 pulse per revolution 12V square wave. Some tachometers need a 12V with a "spike" signal, that came from the ignition coil that used to drive them. Older Toyota / Volkswagen / Suzuki are all this way. But the 98 Jeep should be. If it was...
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    BEW or BRM for a big SUV?

    Personally, I would go BEW over BRM. The BRM uses the Golf V electrical system with is dependant on CAN bus. These can be made error-free, but you won't have the capability of cruise control as it is done over CAN bus, along with the tachometer and check engine/glow plug lights. A custom CAN...
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    Swap in a 2003 ranger

    ALH in a Ranger is basically a 'non-event', as in it has been done many times and works well. ALH in a 2001 Ranger is my daily driver.
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    ALH stand alone harness

    Hey Noel, Give me an email at and I can give you a quote for your setup. ColbyM, Thank you for the kind words!
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    Volkswagen Touareg T2 motor in T1 Touareg?

    Wow, I guess I wrote a confusing post! Here it is in the simplest of terms: I have a 2012 3L V6 TDI motor available to me. What model T1 transmission will it bolt onto, the V6 or the V8 or both or none?
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    Volkswagen Touareg T2 motor in T1 Touareg?

    I have a sweet deal available to me on a 3.0L V6 TDI motor and transmission from a 2nd Generation Touareg. There are also lots of 1st generation V6 and V8 Touaregs around here that are quite inexpensive. I personally feel the T1 looks better than the T2! So three questions for people who know...
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    ALH swap won’t start

    You need the immobilizer turned off.
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    AFN swap won’t start

    If no error codes are present in the ECU, and you didn't mess with the timing, I would strongly suggest that you have not bled all the air from the system.
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    ALH wiring qustion

    There are technically six different versions of the ALH for the North America region: 1 - 1997 to 1999 with the 80 pin ECU 2 - 2000 to 2001 with the 121 pin ECU and "two wire" glow plug system 3 - 2002 to 2003 with the 121 pin ECU and "four wire" glow plug system and a manual and automatic...
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    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the BEW, in fact, I like it better than the ALH especially if you are looking for performance without spending a whole lot. Simple software update gets you in the 140hp range on the BEW where the ALH you might gain 15hp - this is due to injector design...
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    ECU ressurected!

    I've fixed more than one EDC15 ECU by reflowing these connections.