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    235 MPG VW XL1 Diesel Hybrid getting closer

    You are asking the wrong questions. The average person drives 12,000 miles a year (or something like that). I drive more than double that, and some here drive double what I do. A lot of fuel can be saved by focusing on the drivers who drive many miles, and they are the most likely to care...
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    2006 Jetta with 89,200 mi. and no major problems.

    I wish I was that lucky. at 70,000 I replaced my DMF which was getting ready to fail (had already let the grease out and was vibrating badly). At 70,500 the transmission went (If I had inspected it closer I would have seen the signs, but who expects a transmission to fail). My drivers...
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    Battery suggestion: Run a second battery

    There are cars with batteries in the trunk. Mercedes does this on some models (or did), and I've seen a Buick with the same setup (these are all gas cars, but one was a v12). You need heavy duty battery cables - much thicker than you can use with the battery in front, but if there is no room...
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    Civic vs TDI Jetta which is better ?

    Fuel prices vary over time. God only knows what fuel will be cheaper next month. 8 months ago everyone was prediction gas would be over $5/gallon now. There is also driving style. Can you really get the Civic to 40mpg and the Jetta to 47mpg? Unless you have driving both for several...
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    Parting out 5 2003-2008 jettas tdi

    I'm looking for a manual transmission that will fit my 06 jetta TDI.
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    No they wouldn't, or at least not all would. My F350 had 580 on the last tank, and I still had more than 3/8s of a tank left, so I suspect I could go farther in the trunk than the Jetta (which rarely gets 700 on a tank, I know some older tdis go farther than the 06s). I filled up before the...
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    Axle twisted off at transmission

    I'm trying to figure out what could cause this: The right axle twisted off in the transmission - 06 TDI, manual. Actually in the transmission, the axle is fine, looks like the outer bearing of the transmission is failed, and the axle twisted off beyond that inside the transmission. I just...
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    How far have you driven? When I disconnected my battery I had the ABS light on for a couple blocks while the car reset. If that isn't it you need something to read VW codes. VAG-COM or the like. Your local auto-parts store might have something that will work, but most will only be able to...
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    OBD scanner recommendations

    The cheap 100 tools at an auto-parts store will read codes, and that is about all. This will fix 80% of your problems, but won't settle your curiosity. Vag-com is just as good as the VW computer - I've used both. The OTC genisys and pegisys is also good (disclaimer: I work for OTC), but at...
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    I'm about half done replacing mine . I'd be farther along but I hadn't seen this thread to know the grease can leak out, and I didn't want to continue until I knew where all the grease came from. I was unable to get access to the retainting bolts. I had to cut the flywheel to get access to...
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    Age old question: why does diesel cost so much?

    Europe is not shipping diesel here. Europe is shipping gasoline here, and keeping all the diesel they make. US refiners are shipping Diesel to Europe, and keeping all the gasoline here. The result is there is more gasoline in the US than we need, and not enough diesel.
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    Does this make sense for automotive use?

    I'm not sure that it makes sense than DC. However a 3 phase makes more sense single phase if you are going with AC anyway. 3 Phase doesn't require starting capacitors, and is efficient (once you have the AC). A 3 phase inverter isn't significantly more complex than a single phase one. Some...
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    Worst mod idea ever

    Any RV place can set you up with 12v christmas lights if that is what you want. No need for an inverter to suck your energy too.
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    noise/rattle at idle - flywheel?

    My 2006 Jetta TDI has started making a loud rattle and vibration at idle. It goes away if I increase the RPMs to 1400 (tansmission in neutral). Also the noise changes if I press the clutch in, but it doesn't go away or get better so much as obviously change. The clutch still holds just fine...
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    Educate me on the GM 6.5 turbodiesel engine please!

    It is an OK engine, but it isn't up to the same standards as a TDI, powerstroke, or Cummins. You will get better milage than a gas engine, but not by as much as you might expect. The engines are not known as reliable, though in this day any engine should outlive the body it is placed in...